How to Start a Furniture Restoration Business that’s Busy Year-Round

December 23, 2021

Creative Colors International offers a furniture restoration business opportunity with brand recognition and year-round business.

Most businesses experience some ebb and flow throughout the year, but seasonal businesses are greatly impacted by weather. They experience changes in sales based on the season — think ice cream shop, mosquito sprayer, or landscaper. Operating a seasonal business has its perks. Seasonal business owners have the opportunity to go on extended vacations, have lower expenses, and more time to focus on strategizing.

Unfortunately, seasonal businesses have a plethora of downsides. High stress during the busy season and the fear of not reaching earnings goals during a short window of operation are real. It’s also difficult for seasonal businesses to develop a consistent customer base because they’re only interacting with customers for a limited time each year.

Seasonal franchises can be an ideal choice for entrepreneurs with multiple business interests. For example, a lawn care franchise combined with a franchise focused on Christmas lights might be a good choice for an enterprising individual who enjoys working outside.

The good news is a furniture restoration franchise offers year-round opportunities to achieve unlimited earnings potential. CCI is the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair. Our certified technicians specialize in repairing rips, cuts, burns, scratches, and fading. Opting to make a repair can save up to 90 percent of replacement costs. CCI’s mobile vans are equipped with all the tools to fix furniture and floors for residential customers and area businesses. In addition, our mobile leather and vinyl repair technicians use environmentally friendly, water-based products that are clean, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. If you are interested in starting a furniture restoration business, CCI has the tools and experience needed to help you start a profitable upholstery franchise.

CCI Owners Profit in Every Season

Owning a business can be challenging if you're only busy for part of the year. Here's how to make sure your furniture restoration business thrives no matter the season.

Multiple Revenue Streams. CCI focuses on offering franchise owners the opportunity to capitalize on multiple revenue streams by servicing a wide variety of industries, including automobile, recreational vehicles, marine, and aviation, as well as local businesses and residential customers.

Robust B2B Opportunity. CCI’s business-to-business opportunities give you the franchise advantage. B2B franchises deal directly with companies and small businesses, which gives them the ability to build valuable, long-term relationships and gives them the opportunity to provide services to companies in a variety of industries.

Ample Training and Support. All CCI franchisees attend a three-week intensive training at our corporate headquarters, where we cover everything from technical, operations, sales, and managerial skills, as well as the administrative end of running the franchise. Our franchisees also receive field support and ongoing training.

“I am considered the best at my trade in my territory,” said Steve Walker, a CCI franchise owner in Valparaiso, Florida. “I have never lost an account to my competition. I cannot help but believe it was because of the superior training and through Creative Colors International constantly staying on top of the industry seeking out newer, better ways for me to serve my customers.”

Strong Marketing Plan. CCI’s mobile van serves as a billboard to advertise your business. Our franchise owners also have access to various tools and sales aids to help facilitate growth. CCI offers traditional marketing strategies like print flyers, postcards, and brochures, as well as the tools they need to maximize online advertising and website search engine optimization.

The total initial investment for a CCI franchise starts at $86,980. It includes the down payment cost and setup of your van, pre-opening travel, insurance, home office supplies, working capital, and other expenses.

Learn More About Launching a CCI Franchise

If you’re ready to pursue business ownership in an industry with year-round opportunity, visit CCI to request franchise information and learn more about investing in a franchise business.