• CCI Technicians Make Family a Holiday Priority

    Creative Colors International Inc. is lighting up the holiday season by offering workers interested in venturing down a new career path the chance to conquer Christmas spending hurdles, reduce stress and enjoy quality family time. The holidays are a season... ... Continue Reading
  • Devotion to Service Fosters Positive Customer Experience

    Creative Colors International Inc.’s Dallas-area franchisee follows a path of service and devotion to help two charities improve the lives of local community members and provide a positive experience for its customers and employees. CCI DFW saves customers money by... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI’s Mobile Repair Service Helps Boat Owners Maintain Sea Legs

    After slathering on sunscreen, packing a picnic and zipping up life jackets, the last thing you want to encounter at the dock is a problem with your boat that puts a halt to a day on the open water with... ... Continue Reading
  • Evolve Your Career for Growth With CCI

    Are you tired of trying to climb the corporate ladder at a dull desk job? Are automation and outsourcing slowly making your career obsolete? Finding a job that allows you to make your own hours and earn a great income... ... Continue Reading
  • Helping families feast in style

    Creative Colors International Inc. is celebrating the Thanksgiving season by helping customers get their homes in tip-top shape for holiday guests. While the dining room table serves as the heart of every home during the holiday season, the piece of... ... Continue Reading
  • Weighing Options to Uncover Lasting Career Satisfaction

    Creative Colors International Inc. is celebrating National Evaluate Your Life Day by asking its certified leather and vinyl technicians to take time to reflect on their career opportunities for promotion and profitability. Punching a time clock and managing daily responsibilities... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI and HyTech Racing — Building Business by Supporting Education

    Earnie Olin employs his skills as a Creative Colors International Inc. franchisee to leave a lasting impression on local college students designing and racing innovative electric cars. CCI’s leather, vinyl and fabric repair business makes on-site restorations to RVs, boats,... ... Continue Reading
  • Score Big by Attending CCI’s Annual Conference

    One of the reasons you chose a career as a technician at Creative Colors International Inc. was to give yourself the freedom to set your own schedule. Adding CCI’s annual Creative Colors International Conference & Awards Gala to your calendar... ... Continue Reading
  • Revolutionizing the sewing industry, one tear at a time

    Creative Colors International, Inc. is celebrating National Sewing Month by showing customers how this family business turned the age-old practice of sewing into a modern-day lifesaver for small-business owners. Sewing has come a long way since humans first picked up... ... Continue Reading

    Here at Creative Colors International, we talk a lot about family. That’s because family is important to us. So is community. Today, we’re going to share with you a story that’s a great example of one CCI franchise helping another... ... Continue Reading