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  • 5 Car Business Ideas for Auto-Loving Entrepreneurs

    5 Car Business Ideas for Auto-Loving Entrepreneurs There are more than 284 million light vehicles on our nation’s roadways, making car businesses a lucrative market for entrepreneurs. Explore car business ideas and find the perfect fit for your future in... ... Continue Reading
  • B2B Franchise: Definition and Examples

    A B2B franchise, like Creative Colors International (CCI), gives you opportunities to reach new customers beyond traditional revenue sources. Learn more. What is a B2B Franchise? At least 61% of Americans have an idea for starting a business, but 39%... ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Automotive Repair Franchise Ideas to Know

    If you’re ready to sever ties with your corporate job and get started as an entrepreneur, automotive repair franchises can be a smart investment. Creative Colors International has seven auto franchise ideas to help you determine which path aligns best... ... Continue Reading
  • 8 Characteristics of a Good Franchise

    What makes a good franchise? Check out these eight characteristics of a good franchise so you can make a smart choice and understand how to choose a franchise. Learn how Creative Colors International (CCI) fits the bill. Franchising allows individuals... ... Continue Reading
  • Calculate Franchise ROI in 5 Steps

    When evaluating franchise opportunities, understanding, and calculating an estimate of your return on investment (ROI) is an important step. ROI is a key metric that helps gauge the potential profitability and viability of your investment. Creative Colors International’s franchise ROI... ... Continue Reading
  • How Much Do Franchise Owners Make? Here’s How You Find Out

    Cutting ties with a regular paycheck is one of the hardest parts of launching a franchise. How much do franchise owners make? It should be no surprise that the answer varies widely, but by researching publicly available information, you can... ... Continue Reading
  • Start a Furniture Refurbishing Business in 6 Steps

    If you enjoy breathing new life into old furniture as a weekend warrior, starting a furniture refurbishing business could be your calling. A furniture repair business can grow quickly with skills like leather repair and reupholstering. Refurbishing furniture is a... ... Continue Reading
  • Franchise Financing: How to Prepare for the Process

    As someone considering leaving the corporate world behind, franchising stands out as a viable path, offering the benefits of business ownership with the support of an established brand. Financing your franchise dream is a crucial step that requires careful planning... ... Continue Reading
  • Mobile Mechanic Franchise: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

    Discover the benefits and drawbacks that come with owning a mobile mechanic franchise — and what you should consider instead. As the average age of cars on the road climbs to 12.5 years, demand for repairs will continue to rise.... ... Continue Reading
  • Furniture Franchise: Why You Should Avoid a Furniture Store

    Opening a furniture store franchise may seem like a straightforward path to tap into the thriving market of home decor and interior design. But do you know the full story? Explore furniture franchise options and discover why there may be... ... Continue Reading