RECENT POSTS IN Month: September 2019

  • Score Big by Attending CCI’s Annual Conference

    One of the reasons you chose a career as a technician at Creative Colors International Inc. was to give yourself the freedom to set your own schedule. Adding CCI’s annual Creative Colors International Conference & Awards Gala to your calendar... ... Continue Reading
  • Revolutionizing the sewing industry, one tear at a time

    Creative Colors International, Inc. is celebrating National Sewing Month by showing customers how this family business turned the age-old practice of sewing into a modern-day lifesaver for small-business owners. Sewing has come a long way since humans first picked up... ... Continue Reading

    Here at Creative Colors International, we talk a lot about family. That’s because family is important to us. So is community. Today, we’re going to share with you a story that’s a great example of one CCI franchise helping another... ... Continue Reading