• CCI Gets Rental Cars Ready for Customers

    As Americans start making tentative vacation plans for 2021, Creative Colors International Inc. can help rental car companies confidently keep their cars in superior condition during this unique time. In 2019, Americans spent more than 1.2 trillion dollars on travel... ... Continue Reading
  • Refurbish Family Treasures to Trim Christmas Budget

    If you are trying to cut your Christmas budget, consider refurbishing family heirlooms gathering dust in the attic as gifts for the loved ones in your life who already have all the latest gadgets and gizmos. Family heirlooms offer treasured... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI’s Technicians Help Small Businesses Cut Costs

    Creative Colors International Inc. supports small businesses by helping them trim their budgets while keeping employees and customers safe. Small businesses are struggling to stay open as the pandemic continues to spread across the country. Many small businesses were forced... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Helps Customers Save Money and Stay Warm This Winter

    As temperatures fall and the weatherman starts forecasting snow, Creative Colors International Inc. is ready to get your leather jacket in tip-top shape for the winter season. Many Americans are tightening their purse strings and searching for ways to cut... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Helps Fitness Centers Reopen Safely

    As fitness centers across the country have slowly reopened their doors, Creative Colors International Inc. offers a solution to help gyms keep members and employees safe. In 2019, global fitness industry revenue totaled $94 billion, and health clubs were on... ... Continue Reading
  • Shore Up Job Security by Picking a Recession-Resistant Role

    Having confidence that a potential employer can weather tough economic times is an important consideration when making a career change. Salary, growth potential and benefits are all important factors to evaluate when doing your due diligence on a potential new... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI’s New Cleaner is A Cut Above the Competition

    To keep stylists and customers safe and to spur bookings as your salon reopens its doors, Creative Colors International Inc. can help you maintain strict safety precautions as the pandemic continues. Barbershops, hair salons and cosmetologists employed 722,600 people in... ... Continue Reading
  • Celebrate Working Parents Day by Improving Work-Life Balance

    Relieve the strain of balancing work and family by tackling a career at Creative Colors International Inc. that allows you to make your own schedule and a great income. Finding the right work-life balance is an ongoing struggle for many... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Applauds Its Employees on Labor Day

    To celebrate Labor Day, Creative Colors International Inc. would like to thank all of its employees for their dedication, drive and perseverance during this challenging year. The flexibility and hard work of its franchisees, service technicians and corporate team members... ... Continue Reading
  • J&J’s Provides Job Security for Technicians During Pandemic

    J&J’s Creative Colors, an affiliate of Creative Colors International Inc., weathered the pandemic by securing a loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide job security to its loyal employees. The outbreak of COVID-19 this spring put the brakes... ... Continue Reading