RECENT POSTS IN Month: April 2021

  • How to Disinfect Leather

    How to Disinfect and Sanitize Leather Spraying down restaurant tables or grocery store conveyor belts is easy because those surfaces are built for frequent cleaning. However, disinfecting and santizing leather can be trickier. Leather is the luxury fabric of choice... ... Continue Reading
  • Booming Franchise Growth Offers Career Alternative

    Capitalize on the booming franchising industry by considering a recession-proof career as a service technician with Creative Colors International Inc., a leader in leather and vinyl repair. Propelled by the rollout of the vaccine and the reopening of schools across... ... Continue Reading
  • Seven Perks of Mobile Franchise Ownership

    Feeling cooped up at your day job? A mobile franchise will allow you to become your own boss and provide a welcome change of scenery. If you are ready to make a career change and are considering an option that... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Career Untethers Workers From Desk Job

    Creative Colors International Inc. provides service technicians with a fulfilling career that allows them to enjoy the warm weather of spring and break free from their desk job. In 2020, on average, civilian workers spent 42.7 percent of their workday... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI’s Mobile Technicians Make Used RVs Look New

    Creative Colors International Inc. can boost profits for recreational vehicle dealerships by helping them prepare their inventory for the start of the camping season. The school year drawing to a close, longer days, and warmer temperatures all signal the beginning... ... Continue Reading
  • What is a Franchise Agreement? The Complete Start-up Guide – 2022

    The foundation of your franchise's relationship with its parent company is specified in your franchise agreement. A franchise agreement is a legal contract between a franchisee and a franchisor. The agreement you make with a franchisor determines the details and... ... Continue Reading