B2B to Our Core – CCI Franchisees Share What It Means to be a Small Business Owner Serving Other Small Business Owners

April 18, 2016

B2B to Our Core – CCI Franchisees Share What It Means to be a Small Business Owner Serving Other Small Business Owners

Successful B2B companies, like Creative Colors International, are passionate about serving other business owners. And as franchise business owners, all of our franchisees truly understand what it takes to run a successful business…and the importance of partnering with other business owners you can trust.

Relationship selling is critical to the success of all business owners, B2C and B2B alike. For B2C business owners, few things are more important than putting their best face forward to customers to generate a positive relationship – and that includes the appearance of the products their selling and the store in which they’re selling them. It’s no different for B2B business owners like us at Creative Colors International – except we’re simply selling the relationship itself and the services we provide.

The good news is that all of our Creative Colors International franchise owners provide a service that truly elevates other businesses by improving the look and feel of their storefronts and products at a reasonable cost. We offer affordable repair and restoration services for vinyl, fabric, leather, and plastic surfaces for a fraction of replacement costs. This means we can help our clients put an even better face forward and get back to what they do best – cultivating powerful relationships with their own customers.

Like our clients, our reputation is everything. And that’s why we’re careful to award franchises to entrepreneurs who are just as passionate about serving business owners as we are. Here are some great examples from our franchise family sharing why they love working with fellow entrepreneurs:

Warren Perry (Philadelphia, PA) – Mr. Perry enjoyed a lengthy career serving corporate clients with a professional network spreading across North and South America. Now he enjoys selling to other small businesses right in his own market. “I am able to develop a much closer network of customers, partners and colleagues that are all within close proximity to my business,” Perry says. “Serving the local community and developing lasting business and personal relationships is one of the most rewarding facets of business ownership.”

Jose del Llano (Orlando, FL) – Mr. del Llano agrees that one of the most rewarding aspects of being a small business owner is working with his fellow local businesses. “Small business owners are the backbone of my community. Our economy benefits greatly when they are healthy and profitable. I get great satisfaction from working through and solving problems with these owners.”

Rebecca Preston, Fort Worth, TX – Ms. Preston loves making her business customers happy. “Sometimes something happens right before they are scheduled to deliver their product to their customer and they call me to fix it. It is very rewarding to help my customers deliver on time, making everybody in the process happy,” Preston says. “I enjoy celebrating with my dealerships. Many consider me part of their staff. When they have high customer satisfaction, they include me in the celebrations.”

Jon Kleck, Grapevine, TX – Mr. Kleck believes nothing is more important than forming relationships for the long run, so that his small business customers know he’ll be around in the future. “You need that connectivity with them,” Kleck says. “I not only am excited to see my business grow, but also want to see them grow successfully as well. Then maybe down the road we can reflect back on the highs and lows of those early days of doing business together.”