January 24, 2018

Creative Colors International is the ULTIMATE in mobile repair and restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting in the automotive, airplane, marine, furniture, commercial and residential markets. What makes Creative Colors International truly stand out from all others is the relationships we cultivate with clients, from Fortune 500 companies to our valued individual clients. We take pride in our work, and will not consider the job complete until we achieve 100% satisfaction.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from Creative Colors International partners. Permaplate, the nationwide source for high-quality automotive protection products and warranties that are designed to keep vehicles in top shape, is a longstanding Creative Colors International client. Permaplate’s Customer Service Supervisor, Brandon Holladay, trusts CCI, to deliver quality service in an efficient manner! Here’s what he had to say about CCI:

Who is Permaplate’s clientele?

We have direct relationships with car owners and occasionally work with dealerships as well. Permaplate is introduced to the customers during the financing stage of the sale. The dealership will present what we offer and why it is beneficial. When you decide to purchase our protection products at the point of the sale, you get a warranty. In the unfortunate case you spill coffee or somehow manage to damage your interior, say on the very next day, that’s when you will call us.

What is your relationship with Creative Colors International?

We team up with Creative Colors International to make the necessary repairs. Our warranty covers damages to multiple areas inside the vehicles, including fabric and leather, whether it be cracking, rips, tears, burns, fading or discoloration. They help us fulfill the claim.

What role does CCI play in the repairs?

CCI plays a major role in the repair and restoration. When we get a claim, our next step is to find a company that can make the repair. Thankfully, Creative Colors International has franchisees located across the country, so we try to use their services as much as possible.

What makes CCI such a great partner?

One thing that is great about CCI is having a single point of contact. It’s great to have one point of contact that CCI provides and franchisees around the country with whom we can work. Ease of use is one of the major benefits. CCI has a quick turnaround. They contact our customers quickly and get them scheduled instantly. It always makes our customers happy that CCI contacts them right away. Our customers’ issues are addressed immediately rather than making it an exhaustive, time consuming process. Customers have told us the CCI technicians are extremely professional and provide preventative maintenance tips to stop issues from reappearing.

So, what benefit does CCI bring to PermaPlate’s bottom-line?

We process thousands of claims throughout the year, and CCI can repair the damage on a good percentage of them, therefore avoiding the need to replace the damaged surface. CCI’s services have provided substantial cost savings to our operation.

What would you tell companies considering CCI?

CCI is a reliable partner. We don’t run into issues with CCI. They’re good to work with, and their technicians take ownership of any issues that may arise. We have no problem recommending Creative Colors International.

To learn more about CCI and what sets us apart from the competition, visit our website: http://www.wecanfixthat.com.

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