How to Clean a Suede Couch Without Ruining It

January 25, 2023

How to Clean a Suede Couch Without Ruining It

Are you wondering how to clean a suede couch or heavily soiled microfiber sofa without completely destroying it? Creative Colors International has some tips to get the job done right.

Suede Overview

Suede is made from the middle layers of animal hide and has small, raised fibers that make it soft to the touch. Suede can be dyed in a variety of colors and is a popular choice for shoes, accessories, and jackets. It is pliable and long-lasting and is a luxurious option for furniture.

The furniture in most homes takes a beating. Depending on the quality and craftsmanship, the average life expectancy for a sofa is between seven to 15 years, according to Apartment Therapy, an online home site. Frequent use, pets, and family members of all ages can dim the sheen on your furniture over time. The trend of open-concept homes also exposes your furniture to the smells generated by preparing a home-cooked meal.

All-natural suede is durable, but it tends to trap dirt and dust and may not be the best choice for homes with pets or young children. If you like the look and feel of suede, investing in a microfiber suede option may be a safer bet. Microfiber suede is made from a polyester fabric with a suede-like texture. Unlike natural suede, microfiber suede is water-resistant, lightweight, stainproof, and it’s still soft.

Cleaning Suede Furniture

Although it is often overlooked, cleaning your furniture needs to be part of your weekly to-do list, particularly when it comes to suede. Whether you choose all-natural or microfiber suede, regular cleaning can ensure your furniture stays fresh, odor-free, and lasts longer.

If your couch is heavily soiled or needs repairs, CCI recommends leaving the cleaning to the experts. A CCI technician can come to your home to clean your sofa. At the same time, they can repair rips, cuts, tears, burns, scratches, and fading, to return the piece to its original glory. We have the tools in our mobile vans to tackle any furniture restoration project to make sure your home shines. We have CCI franchise owners in every state who are ready to provide superior customer service and workmanship. Our technicians help save residential customers and businesses up to 90% of replacement costs, and we make it a priority to exceed expectations to satisfy customers.

To take care of basic cleaning, let’s explore how to clean an all-natural, suede couch.

  1. Vacuum. Start by vacuuming the furniture thoroughly to rid it of dust and grime that can damage the fabric over time.
  2. Treat stains. If a spill happens, contain it from spreading by blotting it with a clean, microfiber cloth. Avoid rubbing the stain because it may spread. Let the stain dry completely before trying to remove it. Use a suede eraser or a clean, damp sponge to get rid of the stain.
  3. Finishing touch. Use a suede cleaning brush to re-fluff the pile.

Before applying any cleaning product to a stubborn stain on your furniture, pick the right kind. All of your furniture features an upholstery cleaning code to help determine the recommended types of cleaning products. Here’s a beginner's guide to upholstery cleaning codes.

  • W – Safe to clean with water-based solvents.
  • SW or WS – Take your pick! Upholstery with this code can be cleaned with either a dry solvent or a water-based cleaner.
  • S – Only use dry cleaning or water-free solvents.
  • F – Use a foam cleaner to get the job done.
  • X – Leave the cleaning to the professionals!

It’s likely your all-natural suede sofa will sport an “S” cleaning code, which means you should avoid using water. Microfiber suede can typically be cleaned with a gentle soap and water mixture.

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