Automotive Restoration: Six Tips to Kickstart Your Project

January 22, 2022

If you are starting the new year by beginning an automotive restoration project, Creative Colors International is ready to share our top car rebuilding tips to help you avoid wasting time and unnecessary expenses.

After dreaming of owning a classic car for years, you finally closed the deal and opened your wallet to make the big purchase. The classic car market is booming. An earlier survey reveals there are approximately 5 million classic cars on the road in the United States, and 2021 marked the most “energetic market in recent memory,” according to Hagerty, a global automotive enthusiast brand specializing in insurance. The strong economy helped propel classic car sales in the private market while sales at auctions remained steady.

Now that you have your vehicle, the work begins. Whether you picked a Chevrolet Corvette, a Pontiac Trans Am, a Ford Bronco, or another model, your “new” car is likely going to need some work before you take it for a test drive. Restoring a classic car can be a fun project for a weekend warrior, but getting started can be a challenge. CCI has the expertise and knowledge to help you tackle your project. Our experts share their top six automotive restoration tips to help your project run smoothly and get your new ride road-ready.

  1. Do Your Research. Join online forums to get advice from your fellow car aficionados and check out the Antique Automobile Club of America for tips, connections, and research to enable you to do an authentic restoration. If this is your first time tackling a restoration, it might be beneficial to sign up for a local class to learn the ins and outs of car repair.
  2. Make a Plan. While you are probably ready to pop the hood and get started. Making a plan and timeline will help you prioritize your repairs and can save you money in the long run. Sit down at the kitchen table and put pen to paper. List required repairs first and save cosmetic improvements for when your car’s engine is in tip-top shape. Make sure to include repairs that you are going to do on your own and fixes you need to outsource.
  3. Purchase the Parts. While you were doing your research, it’s likely you found the best websites and stores to purchase the parts for your model. You can cut costs by purchasing from private sellers.
  4. Stay Organized. As you already know, your car contains a variety of parts. Make sure to stay organized as you do your restoration to avoid misplacing a key component. If you are one of those people who always has a few extra parts left over when you complete a job, we recommend taking pictures and labeling car parts to make sure everything gets put together correctly. Taking your time to stay organized will ensure your car runs smoothly.
  5. Call the Professionals. While you can do a lot of your car restoration on your own, there are going to be times when you need to call a restoration professional. Spending time getting the engine in top form is essential, but every car affcienado knows the way your ride looks is important.

Creative Colors International is the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair. When you have the engine running and are ready to make your vehicle shine, a CCI service technician can come to you to replace or repair your car’s interior. Our technicians can restore your car’s dashboard, carpet, car seat reupholstery, and leather seats. They can even repair and restore your steering wheel and convertible top, as well as eliminate any odors.

“CCI has more than 40 years of experience in the leather and vinyl repair industry. Our technicians provide first-class customer service. As an added bonus, they will come to your garage to make repairs, which will keep your restoration project on track,” said Mark J. Bollman, President Creative Colors International.

In addition to helping customers restore classic cars, CCI regularly works with automobile dealerships to help them get used cars ready to sell. CCI’s technicians have all the tools they need in their vans to return a pre-owned vehicle to its original luster and increase resale value.

      6.  Have Fun! Your passion for cars led you to purchase a classic vehicle. Don’t let any setbacks or delays turn your project into a chore. Restoring a classic car will allow you to fulfill your dream of owning a car you admired as a child, and provide you with a valuable investment.