Boat Seat Reupholstery: What It Costs to Recover vs. Repair Boat Seats

July 27, 2022

Boat Seat Reupholstery

Boat Seat ReupholsteryBefore the long, lazy days of summer set in, take time to get your boat seat upholstery in prime condition to enjoy a summer full of fun and sun out on the water.

Getting your boat out of winter storage and giving it a thorough cleaning is a rite of passage at the beginning of the summer season. It marks the start of long days cruising the open water, early morning fishing trips, and sunset cocktail rides. Whether you're pulling your kids on water skis or getting a tan on the deck, having your boat in tip-top shape can make or break the outing.

Despite regular maintenance and care, it’s likely your boat seats will sustain damage as your boat ages. Marine-grade vinyl is durable, water-resistant, and not prone to fading. But wear and tear is inevitable. Eventually, even marine-grade vinyl will fade or crack, and constant exposure to water makes mildew a concern.

The dingy appearance of your watercraft might prompt you to head out to a boat show or flip through a catalog to consider an upgrade. But the price of new boats is steep. Supply chain issues, rising oil prices, inflation, and labor shortages are causing the price of boats to hit record highs. The price of fiberglass outboard boats is up 7.5% from 2019. While prices are starting to steady, buying a new boat may be out of reach for many people.

What’s the Price Tag on Reupholstery
If your boat seats are starting to show their age, it’s time to consider your options. While reupholstering your boat seats is cheaper than buying new, it can still be expensive. It will likely cost between $100 to $300 to reupholster a cushion and up to $500 for a captain’s chair. On average, you can expect to pay $80 per hour in boat upholstery repair costs. Plus, you’ll have to keep the boat docked while it’s being reupholstered, which can cut into some of your summer fun.

CCI Offers a Convenient Solution
Creative Colors International recommends repairing and refurbishing your existing seats to save money and prevent unnecessary downtime. CCI is the leader in leather and vinyl restoration and boat upholstery repair. Our service technicians have the tools they need in their mobile vans to drive to the marina to do repairs while your boat is parked at the dock. Restoration can save you up to 90% of replacement costs.

CCI’s service technicians use water-based products and are trained in the latest restoration techniques to make repairs and save you money. From serving marinas to boat dealers to boat owners, CCI has the tools and skills to get the job done right. Our technicians can restore boat seats, tops, engine enclosures, ceilings, beds, and carpeting. They repair and re-dye tears, holes, scuffs, and scratches.

Prevention Techniques
After you get your boat seats repaired, take some steps to prevent future damage. When you’re having fun, spills happen. If you notice stray crumbs or a spilled beverage, try and wipe it up quickly. Install vents in your boat cover to allow the interior of your boat to properly dry when you close it up for the evening. It’s also important to deep clean your boat a couple of times a month when it gets frequent use. CCI recommends using a gentle cleanser and soft cloth to get the job done.

We Can Fix That!
CCI technicians can make your boat shine and be ready for the water in short order. If your boat needs a glow-up or your pre-owned fleet could use some repairs to sell for top dollar, click here to contact CCI and request a free quote.