6 RV Repairs & Upgrade Ideas that Increase RV Value

August 13, 2022

As you hit the open road in your RV this summer, you might notice that it’s starting to show its age and could use a little sprucing up. Learn the top six RV interior repairs and upgrade ideas to help you increase the value of your RV and get you ready for the next camping season.

While your RV provides valuable family memories, it’s also a depreciating asset. It’s likely your RV lost 20% of its value the minute you drove it off the lot and a Class A RV will lose 50% of its value after 10 years, according to J.D. Power, a leader in providing vehicle data and information to the consumer and commercial markets.

There are steps you can take to boost your RV’s resale value and keep it in top form as you head out on new adventures. In addition to making sure that your RV undergoes regular maintenance to stay road-ready, there are things you can do to the interior to increase appeal.

Think Twice Before Making Some Upgrades
Your first instinct may be to rip out some of the built-in seating for an upgrade. Don’t do it! One of the best ways to ramp up the value of your RV is to have plenty of sleeping spaces, revealed Camping World, a popular RV retailer. You might like the look of a modern sofa or freestanding table, but unless it can convert to a bed, don’t bother.

If you are a minimalist, it’s likely you’re going to want to demo a cabinet to allow for open space, but that would be a bad move. Successful tiny living requires innovative storage to keep the space tidy and organized. To bolster resale value, eliminate dead spaces in your RV.

Upgrades to Increase Sale Price
Here are some of the top RV interior fixes to ensure the most bang for your buck.

  1. Change the carpet. If your RV has carpet, you’re going to want to replace it when it starts to show signs of wear. Kids, outdoor debris, and pets can do a number on the carpets in your RV. Carpet is also notorious for trapping unpleasant odors. In addition to vacuuming regularly, replacing your carpet can go a long way to making your RV shine.
  2. Reupholster the furniture. RV upholstery is built to withstand the elements, but exposure to sun and normal use can cause fading and blemishes. Ensuring your upholstery is in prime condition by making repairs will dress up your RV interior.
  3. Upgrade your blinds. Having proper window coverings offers privacy and can help protect your interior from damaging UV rays. As manufacturers improve the quality of window coverings, staying on top of the latest trends and styles can make a buyer take notice. Simply installing quality roller shades is an easy fix you can accent with stylish curtains.
  4. Sanitize it. Ever wonder what that smell is inside your RV? If you have children, pets, or husbands, it’s likely your RV may not always smell fresh. Even worse, the average steering wheel is nine times dirtier than a public restroom. Getting your RV sanitized at least once a season will ensure it’s free of germs and in tip-top shape for your next outing.
  5. Update cabinetry. If you’ve had your RV for years, it’s likely that styles have changed. Cabinets that were cutting edge now look dated and worn. It’s not cost-effective to replace your cabinets, but changing up the hardware is a simple way to give them an upgrade and bolster your resale value. In a similar vein, adding a peel-and-stick backsplash can spiff up your RV’s appearance and give it a contemporary touch.
  6. Add storage. If you have dead space in your RV, add more storage. Keeping things stowed away will help you declutter and be an attractive commodity for buyers.

We Can Fix That!
Creative Colors International can come to your RV to give it an upgrade between trips. Our

mobile service technicians are trained to make RV floor and interior repairs. They can repair rips, tears, cuts, scratches, burns, and fading in leather, vinyl, plastic, and linoleum. CCI has experience working with many of the top RV manufacturers and RV models, including Jayco, Coachmen, Winnebago, and more. From Class A motorhomes to campers, CCI can make repairs and upgrades to your entire RV interior, aside from glass or metal. CCI technicians can also fix gouges, scrapes, and holes in your RV roof. We only use environmentally friendly products to make repairs. Our water-based products are clean, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable.

In addition to making repairs, CCI technicians can sanitize your RV to remove odor and rid it of germs. Our technicians clean the interior with an antimicrobial cloth and then spray it with our Sanitizer & Disinfectant and allow it to air dry.

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