November 17, 2017

Creative Colors International is the ULTIMATE in mobile repair and restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting in the automotive, airplane, marine, furniture, commercial and residential markets. What makes Creative Colors International truly stand out from all others is the relationships we cultivate with clients, from Fortune 500 companies to our valued individual clients. We take pride in our work, and will not consider the job complete until we achieve 100% satisfaction.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from Creative Colors International partners. Frank and Lena Earnest of Creative Colors International in Oklahoma City have developed a fantastic relationship with the kind folks at Camping World of Oklahoma City. That includes Camping World of Oklahoma City Service Director, Ricky Neher. He was gracious enough to spend a few minutes explaining why he trusts CCI.

How were you introduced to Creative Colors International?

There’s not that much of a backstory – outside of the fact it certainly validates the importance of cold calls! The Earnests happened to give me a call a little more than a year ago. I liked what they had to say, I have grown to truly appreciate their work.

What was the determining factor in the decision to establish a relationship?

Their ability to repair vinyl flooring and furniture and color match it accordingly. Creative Colors International has managed to save us considerable time and money. I’m more than pleased with their ability to repair and patch everything and make it unnoticeable to our customers.

What are some of the issues that CCI takes care of for your Camping World Store?

Creative Colors International repairs a wide variety of problems for us. That includes leather vinyl repair on furniture, vinyl flooring repair, vinyl roof panels inside the RV’s. Frank and Lena have also repaired pillows and cushions for our customers. They run the gamut as far as repairing the inside of RV’s for us.

What type of RV’s are we talking about, new or used?

Both. Creative Colors International work on brand new units as well as used RV’s. In some cases, they’ll help us repair vehicles that have been in an accident. Just about every leather, vinyl, linoleum, etc. issue that brings service work in our shop they can repair or restore.

How much time are they saving your crews?

Some of the jobs that they handle for us, such as a vinyl floor replacement, can take up to 40 hours to complete. It can be a very invasive job. CCI comes in here, cuts out a bad section and replaces it. Other times they have been able to iron out or repair a bad section and recolor it to match the existing vinyl in such a fashion that the end user of the RV is happier than when it was first brought. CCI’s support allows my technicians to complete other important projects around the facility.

So, CCI saves you time. What about money?

I’ve used Frank and Lena more than one thousand times since they first called me. When they’re able to restore or repair accidents, that can save us anywhere from one thousand to up to four thousand dollars based on the size of the unit. Overall in a year, there’s been saving, at a minimum, of $10,000 for roughly 100 jobs.

Would you recommend Creative Colors International to businesses, including other Camping World locations?

We’re happy to do business with CCI. Particularly because of my relationship with Frank and Lena Earnest. They’re fantastic people to work with here in the Oklahoma City metro area. For me outside of the sheer convenience and the abilities they have, what really sold me on CCI is the professionalism. They’re always kind and friendly and they always arrive in a very timely fashion. Even if it’s something they haven’t seen before they are always willing to say, “hey, I haven’t seen this before, but we’re going to call the corporate office right now. We’ve got a line we can call for assistance, and I’m going to run this by them and we’re going to see how we can get this repaired for you.” Creative Colors International is always willing to go the extra step and the extra mile and try new things to help us in our time of need. For me it’s more than just a business relationship at this point. They’ve been a great help to us throughout and I appreciate them as people and as business partners.

Sounds like you appreciate they’re professionalism?

We’re very busy here. I don’t have to babysit, I don’t have to follow up. I don’t have to check in with them. I can give them a job and know they’re going to do it to the best of their ability and I don’t have to worry about it again.

We dealt with a couple of other related services in the past. One looked absolutely horrible, the other individual’s pricing was way out in left field. I can only assume he didn’t want to do business with us and none of our appointments ever stood firm. It seemed we didn’t have anyone reliable until we met the Earnest family at Creative Colors International.

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