February 2, 2015


Mobile restoration business saves customers up to 90 percent compared to replacement

Creative Colors International (CCI) announces the opening of its newest area development franchise servicing Central Texas, including Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Manor, and all of Travis County. CCI is a recognized leader in repair, reconditioning and color restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting in the automotive and furniture industries.

The CCI franchise, based in Manor, TX is run by local resident Lee Parnell. CCI of Austin will implement several mobile units, which are outfitted to repair, restore or refurbish leather, vinyl, plastics and carpeting in the automotive, furniture and marine industries. Visit www.WeCanFixThat.com/Austin for a complete list of services offered.

With over 30 years of experience, Creative Colors International (CCI) offers the ultimate solution to outlandish replacement charges, saving customers up to 90 percent of replacement fees by repairing worn and/or damaged material using their exclusive, revolutionary products and restoration techniques. Based on the average costs of reupholstering a car, Austin customers can instead fix their interior through CCI of Austin, saving hundreds of dollars as a result and walking away with seats that are actually more durable than they were in their original state

“Our restoration products and techniques garnish long-term, high-quality results and far surpass industry standards,” said Lee Parnell, local owner. “There’s a lot of training and expertise involved in color matching, knowing the right steps and surpassing warranty quality.”

“At CCI of Austin, we take great pride in our superior customer service and results, making it easy for customers with on-site operations and producing repairs that are nearly invisible to the naked eye,” said Lee Parnell, business owner of CCI of Austin. “Our tagline is We Can FIX THAT because we truly can repair just about every kind of material that’s out there. Our corporate trainers have 25 plus years of experience in the field so we’re always fully equipped with the latest knowledge and advanced technology needed to leave all types of items looking new.”

Nationwide, CCI has made a name for itself in the automotive industry having worked with several dealerships including Ford, GM, Chrysler and Lexus and car rental companies including Avis, Budget, and Hertz. In addition to finding a niche in the automotive industry, CCI fills the need for restoration and repair of materials in nearly every business category, ranging from an automotive dealership to local dentist offices, restaurants, casinos and furniture stores.

“Every type of business depends on the clean or new appearance of their fabric, leather or vinyl seats, booths or furniture for vital aspects of their business and cannot afford to lose customers because of these ripped or damaged items,” added Parnell.

About Creative Colors International

Creative Colors International, Inc. came into existence July 1991 through its affiliate, J & J’s Creative Colors, Inc. J & J’s Creative Colors, founded in 1980 by Jim and JoAnn Foster, was recognized in the Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs for their superb services in dyeing, repairing, and restoring leather, fabric and vinyl, plastics, and fiberglass. Today, more than 70 Creative Colors International franchises operate throughout the United States and Canada, with more than 100+ mobile units in operation. For more information, visit www.CreativeColorsIntl.com.