CCI’s Adds Service to Help Medical Facilities

August 17, 2020

To restore confidence and spur patients to schedule missed appointments and future in-office visits, Creative Colors International Inc. can help medical facilities implement rigorous safety precautions in the wake of the pandemic.

Many people delayed medical care and regular checkups following the outbreak of COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders prompted Americans to quarantine and turn to telehealth appointments when medical needs arose. Nearly half of adults said they, or someone in their household, postponed or skipped medical care owing to the pandemic, according to a survey of 1,189 people by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on national health issues. However, as stay-at-home restrictions ease, 68 percent of those who delayed care expect to see a doctor within the next three months, although the number of coronavirus infections continues to rise.

Shortly after the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in the United States in late February, CCI, the leading mobile provider of leather and vinyl repair, turned to the drawing board to develop a solution to help its many customers in the medical community. They added a new Sanitizer & Disinfectant to their lineup of services to help franchisees adapt sales during the pandemic. The new cleaner is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to be used to disinfect against COVID-19. The hospital-grade sanitizer kills viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew. It can safely disinfect your medical facility without drying or fading any of your surfaces, including your exam tables and waiting room chairs.

“Our new Sanitizer & Disinfectant is helping communities and businesses throughout the country cope with COVID-19,” said Mark J. Bollman, CCI’s president and co-owner. “Police departments, restaurants and car dealers are all adding CCI’s easy-to-use cleaner to protect their customers and employees as they learn to navigate our new normal.”

Many cleaners currently being used at medical facilities require harried staff to wipe down surfaces after application. To use CCI’s new sanitizer, employees simply spray it on the surface that needs to be cleaned and let it air dry. As an added bonus, CCI’s new sanitizer neutralizes odors and is environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic. CCI’s certified technicians can provide training to the staff of your facility on how to properly use the new product.

In addition to helping protect your employees and patients from the novel coronavirus, CCI has a long history of helping medical facilities save money by repairing waiting room floors and furniture, as well as exam tables. Scuff marks and tears on waiting room furniture are inevitable, owing to high traffic. Making sure your waiting area is in tip-top shape makes a good impression on patients and helps ensure repeat visits. The Mokena, Illinois-based CCI can come to your facility to repair, restore or replace your damaged leather or fabric furniture and vinyl floors. CCI’s restoration services can salvage some of the most damaged items, saving customers up to 90 percent in expenses.

As America slowly reopens, medical facilities are opening for in-person care. Health care employment increased by 358,000 in June as medical facilities, including dentistry practices and physician’s offices, started seeing patients again, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. CCI’s new sanitizer is available for purchase in bulk to streamline cleaning procedures during the new normal. On top of enhanced cleaning procedures, most medical facilities added wearing a mask and temperature checks to keep patients safe. Some facilities are taking safety a step further by setting up respiratory triage and care centers to treat patients with symptoms of the novel coronavirus at a separate facility.

To learn more about how CCI can offer your patients a safe visit or spruce up your waiting room, visit www.wecanfixthat.com/request-a-quote/ to get a quote today.