Creative Colors International Employee Spotlight Q&A with Kevin Kenneally

June 4, 2018

Creative Colors International is coming up on 28 years in the franchising business. As a family-owned company, running a tight-knit operation has always been our way. We take pride in the fact that 50 percent of our franchise owners have been with us for 10+ years, and another 25 percent have been with us for 20+ years. That stability has also created career opportunities for loyal, long-standing employees, who help make CCI an industry leader.

Today, we are shining the spotlight on Kevin Kenneally, Operations Manager of our Tampa franchise owned by Stacy Valdivia. Congratulations Kevin, on nearly 20 years of employment with CCI!

  1. What brought you to CCI?

It was a total accident. I had a friend who owned the CCI franchise in Tampa, and I was curious about what she did and how she did it, so I started riding around with her just to see what she was doing. I saw some opportunities for her to operate more efficiently in the field and increase sales and made some suggestions. Then I started making cold calls for her to bring in new customers and the business started growing. Eventually, she asked me to come on full time. The timing was right. I was ready to give up 90-hour workweeks as the District Manager for Hungry Howie’s Pizza, and I could see the potential to really grow CCI. I’ve been with Stacy ever since.

  1. Why have you stayed with CCI for almost 20 years?

There have always been opportunities to grow and make good money. Early on, I was helping Stacy develop the business, but I wasn’t earning commission because I wasn’t a technician. I went and did the training and became a certified technician. I found a new skill set and a new way to use it. I like people. I like solving problems. And I found I was pretty good at fixing things. Now I own my own truck and have specialized in the furniture repair end of the business. Stacy went back to school and took another job, so I also run operations for her at CCI in Tampa.

  1. Do you ever think about buying your own franchise?

Never say never. I think like an owner and act like an owner, so from that standpoint it makes sense. But I’m happy right now working for Stacy and with CCI corporate. It’s a very loyal group and I am loyal, too. Loyalty is really what sets CCI apart. I’ve had competitors approach me about coming to work for them, but I’m not interested in going anywhere else. Even as an employee, I have always felt very supported by CCI International. There may be some opportunities down the road to work more with CCI corporate, and I am open to whatever new opportunities come my way.

Are you interested in learning more about a rewarding and fulfilling career working as a Creative Colors International technician, just like Kevin?   If so, please visit https://wecanfixthat.com/employment to get started!