Creative Colors International Gears up for National Car Care Month

April 8, 2008

Creative Colors International – the leading business in automobile reconditioning and color restoration of interior leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting – is recognizing National Car Care Month this April.

The awareness month is designated as a nationwide effort to focus motorists’ attention on the essentials of vehicle care and maintenance. According to Mark Bollman, owner of Creative Colors International servicing East Las Vegas, it is imperative for motorists to be aware of the wear and tear of the interior of their automobiles before problems get worse.

“As vehicles get older, they get their dose of wear and tear. However, the quicker you repair or restore, the less of a fuss and the less expensive it will be in the long run,” Bollman said. “We always try to keep our customers informed of the benefits our services can give them, and how much longer their cars will last with proper care.”

Bollman suggests the following tips that motorists can keep in mind during National Car Care Month:

  • The use of too much oil or wax can clog pores, causing leather to lose its ability to allow air in and moisture out. For the best protection, we recommend a mild dishwashing soap. Ivory liquid dishwashing soap is an excellent way to keep your leather clean and looking new: one part Ivory to 10 parts water.
  • Dairy products that spill on darker dyed leather will leave a spot. After cleaning, the oils in the dairy products will eventually rise back up to the surface. Try and be careful with any dairy product next to your leather.
  • Lighter colored leather needs to be cleaned often. Dirt, dust and clothing will leave traces on leather, especially, black and dark-blue dyed jeans.
  • Never use preparations made for smooth leather on suede or “rough out” leather. Use only cleaners or preparations made specifically for suede.

According to Bollman, Creative Colors International can restore automotive interior and various exterior damaged items to like-new condition while providing its customers with significant cost savings versus replacement. Creative Colors International has grown nationally by providing its customers with quality repairs, superior customer service and value, Bollman added. Not only does the company offer its services to the automotive market, it also serves furniture, commercial and residential markets.

“We think that it is great that a month has been set aside to help people understand the importance of car care. We especially want motorists to know during National Car Care Month that we offer convenience by performing all repairs on-site at their place of business, in their home, or at the office with our mobile unit service,” Bollman said. “It is our responsibility at Creative Colors International to provide the best service to our customers, and to also help them save money by restoring instead of replacing the interior areas of their vehicle.”

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