November 6, 2018

Temperatures might be getting cooler, but the forecast for the used car sales market is HOT!

undefinedA new survey by CitNOW, released just this September, found that 48 percent of prospective car buyers are now looking to the used car market for their next purchase. So, what’s driving buyers to the gently-used as opposed to the shiny and new? As reported in AM-Online (Automotive Management Online), CitNOW believes there is a combined motivation:

  • More advanced cars are hitting the used market
  • Enticing finance deals

So, how does your dealership capitalize on this trend? The easy answer would be to provide buyers with the sharpest-looking, cleanest cars on any lot. The only thing more attractive to a customer than a super-low price is a used car that looks like it’s brand new. That’s where we come in.

Making the used look new again.

At Creative Colors International, your needs and concerns are our first priority. Making customers happy and getting cars SOLD, and doing both efficiently conveniently, and affordably is what we do. Creative Colors International offers on-site leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric repair. We can make your used inventory look sharp — ensuring that your product will stand out from the crowd and help you close the sale — and we’ll do that for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Here’s what happens: you receive a used car, and it’s running great, but the interior has seen better days. You can put your staff to work on the “project,” taking up valuable service bay areas where you could be making money. Or, you can contact your local Creative Colors and let our expert technicians come to your site with our mobile repair units. We’re efficient and convenient. We offer all types of repair, no matter what type of material the automobile’s interior is made of. That includes:

  • Carpet Dyeing & Repairs
  • Smoke & Odor Eliminationundefined
  • Steering Wheels & Dashboards
  • Headliners & Visors
  • Leather Repairs, Cleaning, Dyeing & Restoration
  • Cleaning, Stain Removal and Detailing
  • Cigarette Burn Repairs
  • Exterior Trim & Headlight Restoration
  • Fixed Pricing Programs, Customized Floor Mats, & Warranty Programs

Don’t see what you need on this list? Don’t worry — we probably do it! You can find more detailed information about our automotive services on our website.

Profits up: costs down!

More importantly, we understand the auto dealership business. You need to keep profits up, costs down, and customers happy. Creative Colors International saves you money and time! We provide a 3:1 ROI upside on repairs versus replacement options that often require thousands of dollars and more work hours.

Creative Colors International has been servicing automobile dealerships across the country for 30 years. We offer programs that are geared toward improving profitability and efficiency in key departments at your dealership. And we do it all in a way that is convenient for you.

Check out our Dealership Services and then give us a call. Let us come visit you and show you how we can help you give every car that new car look.