Creative Colors International of Fort Worth,TX. Fills the Mounting Demand for Cost-Efficient Maintenance

May 22, 2014


Creative Colors International of Fort Worth Fills the Mounting Demand for Cost-Efficient Maintenance

On-Site Repair & Restoration Franchise Saves Fort Worth Customers Up to 90 Percent of Replacement Costs for Wear & Tear

Fort Worth, TX – According to a new study by Manheim, the world’s largest auto auction, consumers buy close to 40 million used vehicles every year, nearly three times the number of new cars sold. Additionally, of the 60,000 total auto dealerships located in the U.S., approximately 45,000 of them sell used cars while only 17,750 sell new cars. As the trend for purchasing vehicles as used versus new continues to grow, the demand for cost-efficient car maintenance services has become greater than ever, particularly in regards to interior wear and tear.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with reupholstering a car can be very steep, ranging anywhere from 120 dollars to as much as 450 dollars per seat. Taking into account the type of material (for instance, leather is much more costly than vinyl), size of the car, material color, plus a variety of other components, choosing to replace versus repairing material can quickly become a multi thousand dollar undertaking.

With over 30 years of experience, Creative Colors International (CCI) offers the ultimate solution to outlandish replacement charges, saving customers up to 90 percent of replacement fees by repairing worn and/or damaged material using their exclusive, revolutionary products and restoration techniques. Based on the average costs of reupholstering a car, Fort Worth customers can instead fix their interior through CCI of Fort Worth, saving hundreds of dollars as a result and walking away with seats that are actually more durable than they were in their original state.

After spending the past 14 years working on military equipment as an engineer, 41-year-old Rebecca Preston was no longer satisfied with her career and wanted more in her life. She decided it was time to start her own business that would allow her to train and mentor people for success, the most rewarding part of her previous job, while utilizing the skill set she developed as a female leader in a male-dominated field. When she came across a franchise opportunity with CCI in Fort Worth, she quickly realized the benefits of the franchise model and saw the opportunity as an investment in herself. What sold her, even more, was the fact that she could return home to Texas, where she had spent the majority of her life. Preston’s enthusiasm for building teams, and providing great customer service, paired with her passion for rejuvenating worn out items, will enable her to quickly grow CCI of Fort Worth into the regional leader for on-site repair and restoration.

“At CCI of Fort Worth, we take great pride in our superior customer service and results, making it easy for customers with on-site operations and producing repairs that are nearly invisible to the naked eye,” said Rebecca Preston, business owner of CCI of Fort Worth. “Our tagline is We Can FIX THAT because we truly can repair just about every kind of material that’s out there. Our corporate trainers have 20 plus years of experience in the field so we’re always fully equipped with the latest knowledge and advanced technology needed to leave all types of items looking new.”

Serving the automotive, commercial and furniture industries, CCI of Fort Worth offers affordable solutions for tears, holes, scuffs, scratches and other types of damage through on-site repair, restoration, cleaning, and protection, as well as dyeing of leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric. Nearly every business has upholstery in one place or another, making repairs essential to companies and places like waiting rooms, medical facilities, casinos, restaurant booths, school buses, limousines, movie theaters, hotels, campers, boat dealers, airports, aircraft dealers, insurance companies, and much more.

For more information on CCI of Fort Worth’s products and services, visit www.wecanfixthat.com/fortworth.

About Creative Colors International

Launched in 1991, the Creative Colors International (CCI) franchise system was created through its affiliate, J&J’s Creative Colors, the original industry leader in refurbishment techniques and systems. J&J’s Creative Colors was founded in 1980 by Jim and JoAnn Foster. Today, both companies continue to be family-owned and operated by the second generation Foster family. Catering to the abundance of upholstered items in every home, business and vehicle, CCI is the ultimate in on-site repair, restoration, cleaning, protection, and dyeing of leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric. Through proprietary technology, CCI restores damaged material at a fraction of replacement costs, saving customers up to 90 percent. CCI repairs are stronger than the original area and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. In the Automotive, Furniture and Commercial Markets, CCI offers on-site repair and restoration to all types of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting by repairing and redyeing holes, cuts, tears, burns, scrapes, fading and discoloration. For more information on CCI’s services and franchise opportunities, visit www.wecanfixthat.com.

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