How Executive-Style Owners Thrive at CCI

July 3, 2018

How Executive-Style Owners Thrive at CCI

When Jim and JoAnn Foster hit the streets of Chicagoland back in 1980 with a stocked van and the know-how to dye and restore vinyl,, it didn’t take long for them to see they were on to something that could be so much bigger. One van became two, then eight, then 18. By 1991, they began franchising as Creative Colors International, and gave other entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a career that rewards their life experiences and helps them achieve their lifestyle goals.

Both executive-style owners and single-unit owners can be successful as CCI franchisees, although their mindset, skills and expectations may be very different. Here are some key differences:

          Executive-Style Owner                             vs.                     Single-Unit Owner

·       Invests $180–266k for a 3-pack or more ·       Invests $95–120k for a single unit
·       Buying a business to scale and grow ·       Buying a job to become own boss
·       Knows how to hire, manage and build a team ·       Prefers to work alone or with one employee
·       Looking for higher revenues and bigger payout ·       Looking for a lifestyle income

Edgar the Executive

Edgar has spent enough time working in corporate America that he understands how profitable a business with low overhead and high scalability can be. His background in sales, operations, or marketing, along with his growth mindset, are key ingredients in hiring and building a team that can cover a lot of ground. He may end up with 15–20 trucks or more. He enjoys managing people and always has his eye on the big picture. With multiple franchise units, Edgar could serve a metropolitan area of approximately a million or more people and develop revenues of three million or more. Profitability is high with the executive model and Edgar is motivated by the idea of growing and developing his franchise to be the biggest and best it can be. Whether he decides to leave corporate America to build his own empire or simply diversify his business interests, Creative Colors International executive-style ownership will be a venture that can bring a big payout that will secure Edgar’s retirement.

Single-Unit Sam

Sam is not afraid of hard work. In fact, he has spent years putting in 60-hour-plus workweeks — so someone else’s company would be successful. Now, he’s been downsized! Ready to take control of his destiny and answer to only himself, he decides to purchase a single unit with Creative Colors International. Sam’s territory will consist of two trucks and will probably service a population of about 300k people. He enjoys doing the repair work himself and is happy to keep things small with only one or two employees. He sets his own hours and doesn’t have to hassle with upper management anymore. Revenues of approximately $250k a year allow Sam to live comfortably and still put something aside for retirement. Life is good.

The beauty of owning a Creative Colors International franchise is that it can be tailored to the executive-style owner or the man-in-a-van. Some franchisees start small and find they want to expand. CCI serves nearly 50 different types of businesses ranging from the auto, RV, and marine industries to restaurant, furniture and medical industries. The growth opportunity is almost limitless.

Both new markets and expansion markets are currently available. Visit us today to learn how you can thrive with CCI!