Multi-Generational Family Chooses Nation’s “Most Desirable City” to Launch Newest Creative Colors International Franchise

August 6, 2018

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Industry-Leading On-site Repair and Restoration Franchise Comes to Colorado Springs and Saves  Local Customers 90 Percent on Replacement Fees

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – (August 6, 2018)Creative Colors International (CCI), the nation’s leading on-site repair and restoration franchise, launched its newest location on August 6, in Colorado Springs. This is big news as more local business owners and cost-conscious residents than ever before are seeking out alternatives to astronomical upholstering charges and replacement fees associated with damaged possessions made of leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric.

Husband and wife team Anthony and LaDawna Smith recently sold their home and pizza business in Kansas and moved their family of 15, (two daughters, two sons-in-law, three baby granddaughters, and SIX adopted siblings), to the City Of Millionaires, recently named the Most Desirable Place to Live by U.S. News and World Report, to start a new chapter in their lives.

“We love this city! The variety of things you can do outside is perfect for our family. My wife has taken the kids hiking at Garden of the Gods almost every day, and there are no mosquitos!” said Anthony Smith.

The opportunity to open a Creative Colors International (CCI) franchise in Colorado Springs was a perfect fit for the Smiths, who were looking to move to a bigger area with more opportunity for multiple generations of their growing family. After meeting with CCI, a Chicago-based family-owned business, and learning one of the country’s Most Desirable Places to Live was an available market, it’s like the stars were aligning.

“It’s exciting for us and the future generations of our family that will be building this business,” said Smith, who will be working alongside his two sons-in-law. “I see a bright future here for a business like ours.”

The Smith’s believe conservation-minded Coloradans will love the company’s revolutionary products and restoration techniques that will help local customers save up to 90 percent in replacement fees by repairing worn and/or damaged materials, extending the life of products and keeping them out of the landfills.

The Smiths are serving a population of about one million people in the metro area with two mobile vans that are stocked and ready to roll. They are already looking ahead to next year when they plan to build their fleet by adding another three vans. Auto dealerships, and especially RV dealers, will be early target markets, although the sky’s the limit on potential customers.

“I feel like the keys to our success will be the attention we give to the customer,” said Smith. “We want to have one line of communication between customers and us. No layered management. They will talk to me or my sons-in-law, and we will go to them and fix the problem. We don’t take any customer for granted.”

The statistics suggest that repairing and restoring, as opposed to upholstering and replacing, can save local business owners and residents hundreds of dollars on any damaged item. For example, the costs associated with upholstering any type of seat can be very steep, ranging anywhere from $120 to $450 per cushion. And according to Terri Sniegolski, Creative Colors International’s CEO, the commitment shared by all franchisees to help customers save money, and deliver on the company’s “We Can Fix That” philosophy, has been the key catalyst for the company’s expansion to 82 locations in 28 states with 160+ mobile units since its initial inception in 1980.

“We’re excited to open our next Creative Colors location in Colorado Springs because we know the Smith family shares the same ‘We Can Fix That’ attitude our other successful franchisees possess,” said Sniegolski. “We are thrilled about our expansion into Colorado Springs because we know the local business owners and customers in the community will be eager to repair and restore their possessions at a fraction of the cost.”

Serving the automotive, commercial and furniture industries, Creative Colors International offers affordable solutions for tears, holes, scuffs, scratches and other types of damage found on leather, vinyl, plastic or fabric, through on-site repair, restoration, cleaning, dyeing and protection. For local residents, this means Creative Colors International can repair auto interiors, leather furniture, RV flooring, and boat vinyl, among other things. Additionally, for business owners, Creative Colors International can repair any upholstery found in critical locations around the company, such as waiting rooms, examination rooms, restaurant booths, hotel rooms, and theater seating, among others.

For more information on the Smiths, and their Creative Colors International location, please visit www.wecanfixthat.com/colorado-springs.

About Creative Colors International

Launched in 1991, the Creative Colors International (CCI) franchise system was created through its affiliate, J&J’s Creative Colors, the original industry leader in refurbishment techniques and systems. Today, both companies continue to be family-owned and operated by the second generation. Catering to the abundance of upholstered items in every home, business and vehicle, CCI is the ultimate in on-site repair, restoration, cleaning, protection, and dyeing of leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric. Through proprietary technology, CCI restores damaged material at a fraction of replacement costs, saving customers up to 90 percent. CCI repairs are stronger than the original area and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. In the Automotive, Furniture and Commercial Markets, CCI offers on-site repair and restoration to all types of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting by repairing and redyeing holes, cuts, tears, burns, scrapes, fading and discoloration. For more information on CCI’s services and franchise opportunities, visit www.wecanfixthat.com.

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