How One Popular Michigan Restaurant Overhauled Its Interior with Zero Down Time by CCI of Southeast Michigan

March 26, 2018

Creative Colors International, the nation’s leading on-site repair and restoration franchise, understands restaurants just can’t shut-down for repairs to seating upholstery. Especially if it’s the popular TV’s Diner and Deli in Trenton, MI, a retro-themed restaurant south of Detroit.

Tracey and Victor Stroia, the owners, are too busy serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hungry clients every day. They don’t have the time, nor the expertise, to repair rips and tears in booths and chairs…and they can’t afford to close their doors and renovate.  

However, they always want to make sure the restaurant’s appearance mirrors the fantastic food. That’s why they recently called on Mary-Shea Rozsypal, who along with her husband John, is co-owner of Creative Colors International of Southeast Michigan, based in Ann Arbor, MI.

When they called Mary-Shea, the Stroias initially thought they needed five booths repaired.   However, after Mary-Shea completed a thorough inspection, it turned out seven booths had rips and worn areas in the vinyl upholstery.  Each booth needed repairs for tears in seat cushions and seat backs and a large corner booth had further damage to tackle.

“This is why we called Mary-Shea, and CCI,” recalls Tracey. “We knew she and her team would make sure that every seat and booth was up to our standards. People come here for the food, sure, but they also want a comfortable and appealing environment. There’s no charm in ripped and torn upholstery. It just sends the wrong message.”

Mary-Shea knew the Stroias were counting on her to take initial measurements, templates, match the color of the vinyl, and get the repairs done as quickly as possible…without having them close their doors.

“The ‘work around challenge’ we had was the fact TV’s is operating pretty much 24/7,” said Rozsypal. “That meant we would have to start work before the restaurant opened at 8 AM. The last thing we wanted to do was be in the way of the restaurant’s customers and staff, especially at peak hours. That meant doing the work in two stages.”

“The large corner booth was a bit tricky because we had to do some of the vinyl preparation off-site, which expected on booth configurations that require sewing,” according to Rozsypal. “Usually, we’re able to do the repairs on site, which is even more cost-effective and timely. However, we were able to finish the other work, like replacing the vinyl on seat cushions, in just one day.”

The total job was finished in a timely manner and to the Stroias complete satisfaction.

“There was an immediate improvement in the restaurant’s appearance after Mary-Shea and her CCI team cleaned, repaired, and replaced the cushions on that first day,” said Stroia. “Plus, the price we paid was far less than what we would have had to pay to replace the booths and cushions with new. The other positive of working with CCI was that our customers and staff faced no inconvenience or disruptions. I highly recommend them for their excellent work and professionalism.”

Once again, another Creative Colors International franchise owner proves it pays to contact them first for mobile repair, color restoration, and reconditioning of materials such as vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, and carpeting. CCI not only has the proven experience helping restaurant owners, like the Stroias, but can also provide timely, cost effective, quality work for other industries, such as automotive, aviation, medical, and a host of others. To find out more, please visit www.wecanfixthat.com.

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