How to Remove Stains From Leather: Pen, Oil, Paint, Sharpie, & More

March 28, 2023

Removing stains from leather is possible — but careful and correct treatment is essential to prevent further damage. Creative Colors International can help you remove the most common leather stains.

If the leather pieces in your home or business are starting to look worn and dingy, CCI can return them to their original sparkle. Even furniture that is carefully maintained will show wear and tear over time, particularly if you run a high-traffic business or have a full house. Keeping your business looking fresh can help drive customer traffic. At least 98% of people read online reviews for local businesses. Having a well-maintained establishment will help ensure positive reviews and generate repeat business. As we all spend more time at home, turning your space into a comfortable sanctuary goes a long way to helping maintain your mental health and happiness. Refreshing your furniture is an easy way to create a welcoming atmosphere at home.


Stain Removal Experts

When it comes to leather, a major concern is staining. Whether it’s pen, oil, paint, or sharpie, knowing how to remove stains from leather can be challenging. CCI specializes in leather restoration service, and our technicians know the latest methods to banish stains. We’ve picked up some tips and tricks on removing small, common stains we can pass along to get the job done on your own. CCI also has a line of leather care products, which are available in bulk for businesses, that are a non-toxic solution for stain removal.

If the stain remains after treatment, leave the work to us. We also recommend leaving larger or stubborn stains to the professionals.

Some of the common culprits causing furniture damage may surprise you.

Red wine. Hosting happy hour or enjoying a nightcap is all fun and games until a glass of red wine spills. Blot the stain immediately to remove excess liquid, and then gently clean the stain with a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water. Dry it gently with a microfiber cloth. If this gets the job done, make sure to apply a leather conditioner to moisturize the leather. CCI’s Leather Care Kit comes with a conditioner.

Butter and oil. Munching on popcorn while you watch a movie is a great way to pass the time. If you forget the napkins, the oil and butter from the tasty treat may leave a lasting impression. The best way to get rid of an oil stain is by sprinkling it with cornstarch and letting it sit overnight. Our leather cleaner is also good to have on hand to clean small stains.

There’s nothing better than sipping a cup of coffee in front of the fire on a cool winter morning — until it sloshes on your furniture. If the coffee spills before the caffeine kicks in, you’ve got a problem. Mild dish soap and warm water often do the trick if you catch the stain immediately.

If your employer implemented hybrid schedules following the pandemic outbreak, you might spend more time working from the comfort of your living room. Be careful where you rest your pen. Ink stains can leave lasting marks on leather furniture. Try using a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol to remove the stain.

Permanent marker. Every parent knows permanent markers go on a top shelf. But if little fingers do get ahold of a Sharpie and leave some artwork on your furniture, don’t despair. If the damage is not widespread, put some white vinegar on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before gently wiping it off.

Pet stains. We all love our fur babies, but they can do a number on the furniture in your home. Aside from leaving a dusting of fur in their path, pets often track in dirt and grime from outdoors. Before you can stop them, a pet with muddy paws is making themselves at home on your couch. Wipe the muck gently with a damp cloth, and make sure to vacuum your furniture regularly.

Fur, dirt, and grime are one thing, but a more troublesome reminder of our four-legged friends are scratches and claw marks. Keeping your pet's nails trimmed and a scratching post handy can help. Before you lose hope and start shopping for new furniture, let CCI’s service technicians repair scratches, rips, tears, and other pet stains in a few simple steps.

How to Receive a Free Quote

Getting a free quote from the experts who know how to remove stains from leather requires just a few simple steps, and most of it can be done easily online. Here’s how to get started.

1. Visit wecanfixthat.com. CCI’s locations are locally owned and operated by trained professionals who prioritize customer service. We will connect you with your closest location when you visit our website to request a free quote.

2.  Fill out the online fast quote form. Give us some details about your project and your contact information.

3.  Upload photographs. We have more than 43 years of experience repairing and restoring leather and vinyl products, and our service technicians can often give you a reliable repair time and cost estimate simply by looking at photos of the damage. Our online form has the option to upload photographs. If you have a big job, the local owner may decide to look at the stain in person before giving you a quote.

4.  Check your inbox. We deliver all our quotes electronically to provide a detailed history of service. Even if you have an on-site estimate, we can provide an electronic invoice for tracking purposes.

5.  Schedule the repair. If your technician needed to see your repair in person, they may be able to take care of it on the spot. CCI technicians have all the tools they need to make repairs in their mobile van.

6.  Admire the job. Once the repair work is done, step back and take a moment to admire your refurbished piece. Pat yourself on the back for saving up to 90% of the replacement cost.

7.  Write a referral. Go online and write a review of our business. Feel free to brag about the cost savings to your friends and family.

We Can Fix That!

Save money and refresh your existing leather and vinyl products by letting CCI show you how to remove stains from leather. Request a free quote from CCI to get started.