January 11, 2019

How do you make a used car look almost brand new — and fetch top-dollar for it, as well? A flawless interior can help make the sale and keep customers happy. Creative Colors International(CCI) has been helping car dealerships turn car interiors from flawed to fantastic for 30 years.

undefinedRiverside Motors in Glenfield, New York, works with Tim Bush, an expert certified service technician and Creative Colors International franchise owner in Watertown, NY, to make much needed interior repairs on their vehicles, mostly leather and cloth seats as well as center consoles, and they never even had to search for a solution.

“Tim stopped in on a whim, and that’s how we got started,” says RuthAnne Randall, office manager at Riverside Motors. “We opened our location in January of 2015, and it was shortly after that we started working with CCI.”

Tim Bush operates his CCI franchise in Upstate New York. “Living in rural northern New York means fewer people. We have to think outside the traditional business model of CCI.” And that’s exactly what Bush did. Tim impressed the Riverside management team by stopping in and asking if they needed his services. “He didn’t wait for a call. He’s honest, personable, and proactive.”

undefinedAnd he’s helping their bottom line, too. Our mobile workshops allow Creative Colors International to come to YOUR business with all of the tools and equipment necessary to restore your damaged and timeworn interiors. “It’s nice not having ripped seats. Our customers are happier because they feel the product they are getting is nice. It adds value to the vehicle and improves our bottom line,” Randall told us.

Riverside Motors appreciates CCI’s technology and techniques and find that they can really bring new life to a damaged vehicle, but they also appreciate their technician’s reliability and initiative. “Tim stops in, and we don’t have to worry about reaching out to him. If we need something specific, we’ll call him, and he’ll come out right away,” Randall says. “When he stops in, he goes around to the cars, finds the problem and gets it done! No hassles!”

“One time we had asked him to come in and do work for a specific vehicle. He said he would be there, but then his mother died. Despite the hard time, he still checked in with us and asked if he could come in the next day. He was still willing to come in that day if it was necessary,” said Randall. “He was putting customers first even during such a hard time. He is incredibly dedicated. He keeps his word and follows through.”

Tim Bush is just one of the reasons why Creative Colors International has been trusted by thousands of dealerships to deliver the ultimate in on-site protection, repair, restoration, and the dyeing of fabric, vinyl, plastic and leather. Contact the certified dealership service technician in your area to learn more about how Creative Colors International can help your sales increase.