Leather Couch Tear Repair: When to DIY or Hire a Pro

March 14, 2022

If you need a leather couch tear repair, skip the DIY fix. A leather care professional from Creative Colors International can provide an efficient and seamless repair.

People have been relying on leather since the dawn of civilization for its hardiness and comfort. Leather furniture became more accessible during the industrial revolution when advancements in technology allowed some of the processes to be done by machines. Leather is a durable and fashionable option for home furniture. It can withstand the abuse from pets, children, and rowdy house guests.

Presently, the leather furniture market is booming. It is slated to grow 4.4% by 2029, and trends in interior decorating and home services are propelling leather furniture sales. The popularity of teleworking continues to build as people seek work-life balance. Grocery delivery and one-click purchasing are enabling people to spend less time on errands and more time at home. Streaming movies and restaurant food delivery are making at-home date nights the norm.

Spending more time at home is prompting people to upgrade their living spaces. On average, homeowners spent $10,341 on home improvement projects last year, up 25% from 2020. A rise in online furniture retailers and the development of multifunctional furniture is also helping fuel sales. Despite advancements in more affordable synthetic leather products, people are still relying on the real deal.

Although leather furniture is long-lasting and durable, it is not indestructible. Over time, your leather furniture may suffer rips, tears, cuts, or stains. While the most common problem people face with their leather furniture is discoloration from body oils and fading from direct exposure to sunlight, rips and tears can happen. Any kind of sharp object, like car keys, can cause a rip in leather furniture. Pet damage from kittens who like to use their claws or dog nails that aren’t regularly trimmed can wreak havoc.

When you need a leather couch tear repair, you can attempt to fix it yourself, or call one of CCI’s mobile service technicians to get the job done. Leather tear repair kits are available from home improvement stores offering the tools you need to make the repair on your own. The repair kits typically include patches, fillers, dye, and application tools and are accompanied by detailed instructions on how to get the job done. Leather furniture is a big investment. You can try to color match and do the job on your own, but hiring an expert will ensure the tear gets fixed right the first time and likely save you time and money in the long run.

In addition to offering leather couch repair services, CCI’s service technicians can show you how to perform regular maintenance on your leather furniture to prevent future problems. They can teach you how to clean and condition your furniture to keep it in like-new condition. CCI offers a leather care kit for customers to purchase. We use environmentally friendly, water-based cleaners to ensure safety.

“CCI’s service technicians receive in-depth training on how to provide the best service to our customers,” said Creative Colors International President Mark J. Bollman. “Their mobile vans are equipped with all of the tools they need to make your furniture shine. They know how to salvage virtually any type of furniture and save you time and up to 90% in expenses. Honesty and quality of service are very important to us.”

CCI Helps Local Businesses Shine

In addition to making residential repairs, CCI specializes in repairing leather and vinyl at area businesses, including restaurants, dental practices, doctors’ offices, and more. A leather-care professional can work with your schedule to make repairs during off-peak hours to avoid disruption. Whether you are dealing with tears, scratches, cuts, burns, stains, or fading, CCI can restore seams, replace parts, and restore the color in virtually any piece of furniture.

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We have more than 42 years of experience helping keep leather and vinyl in like-new condition and can help you learn how to prevent further damage. If you need a leather couch tear repair at your home or business, request a free quote from CCI.