How to Repair Cracked Vinyl: Causes & Fixes

November 6, 2023

If you've noticed cracks in your vinyl chairs or vinyl flooring, you're probably wondering what to do next. Creative Colors International (CCI) can help you learn how to repair cracked vinyl, including vinyl chairs and flooring, and how to prevent damage in the future.

Understanding the Causes of Cracked Vinyl

Vinyl is a versatile material used in everything from piping to flooring. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it a popular choice for residential and commercial settings. However, even the most durable materials can show signs of wear and tear over time.

Vinyl was invented by accident when Waldo Semon, a rubber scientist, created polyvinyl chloride (PVC) while he was attempting to create a synthetic adhesive. Initially, PVC was used for insulated wire, shower curtains, and raincoats. Touted for its flame-resistance, low cost, and durability, today, PVC is the third largest-selling plastic in the world, and 70% of the world’s PVC is used in housing, including vinyl floors.

Before we get into the repair process, it's essential to understand what causes vinyl to crack in the first place. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause vinyl to fade and weaken over time, making it more susceptible to cracking. Frequent use and the weight of people or objects can also contribute to wear and tear. Chemical exposure from harsh cleaning agents can degrade the material, leading to cracks. Even temperature fluctuations can affect vinyl, causing it to expand and contract, which may result in cracking over time.

Not all vinyl is created equal. Vinyl used in furniture and flooring is generally repairable. These types of vinyl are designed to be durable and are often easier to mend. On the other hand, vinyl siding or vinyl used in outdoor settings may not be as easily repairable due to exposure to the elements and potential UV damage.

DIY vs. Professional Repair

Minor cracks in vinyl chairs or flooring can often be a DIY project. A vinyl repair kit typically includes a filler material, a tool for easy application, and instructions on how to repair cracked vinyl. However, for more extensive damage or for types of vinyl that are more challenging to work with, consult a professional.
Repairing a cracked vinyl chair involves cleaning the area around the crack, applying a vinyl repair compound, and then smoothing it out for a seamless finish. After the compound dries, you can color-match it to the rest of the chair. It's a straightforward process, but attention to detail is crucial for a successful repair.

How to fix a crack in vinyl plank flooring is more involved. If you have a spare plank or tile, you can remove the damaged one and replace it. If that's not an option, filling in the crack with a sealant designed for vinyl flooring can do the trick, but should be left to an expert. After applying the sealant, buffing is required to make the repaired area blend seamlessly with the rest of the floor. Hiring a professional can save time and improve the quality of the repair job.

CCI’s Competitive Edge

CCI has more than 43 years of experience repairing vinyl furniture and flooring. The convenience of mobile technicians means the repair process disrupts your day as little as possible. Our commitment to sustainability, demonstrated by the use of water-based repair and dye products, adds an eco-friendly touch to our high-quality service.

What sets CCI apart is the quality of work and the breadth of services offered. From furniture to flooring and even automotive interiors, CCI's expertise spans various applications of vinyl, making them a one-stop solution for all your repair needs. Our technicians can repair marine vinyl to ensure your boat is seaworthy, and help medical facilities shine by repairing exam tables and waiting room furniture. Our technicians undergo extensive training, ensuring that every repair meets the highest quality and durability standards.

CCI customer Tim Knapp said, “I had the vinyl repaired on my 1930 Model A hot rod. The repair was on each corner at the top of the back of the seat. Once the repairs were complete, you could not tell there was ever any damage.”

We Can Fix That!

CCI is the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair. We have 150+ vans serving customers across the U.S. Request a quote to get the repair process started today!