McNairy Garners Citizen of the Year Award

September 28, 2020

Mike McNairy, a franchisee of Creative Colors International Inc., was recognized as Citizen of the Year by the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce at a special outdoor ceremony recently.

McNairy operates his mobile leather and vinyl repair business in the Castle Rock, Colorado area. He and his wife, Lynette, provide top-quality service to Douglas County, South Metro Denver, Parker, and surrounding area businesses and residents. CCI’s certified service technicians work diligently to restore damaged items to make them look like new. Technicians specialize in upholstery repair, coloring, cleaning, protection and restoration of leather, cloth, vinyl, velour and plastics. The company’s restoration services can salvage some of the most damaged items, saving customers up to 90 percent in expenses.

“I am honored to receive this recognition from the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce,” McNairy said. “CCI of Douglas County is privileged to bring such a valuable service to the residents of this area. Many of our local businesses took a hit following the outbreak of COVID-19. We are happy we can help save our customers money by making repairs and restoring items to help their businesses shine as they adjust to operating during this unprecedented time.”

The Castle Rock Chamber was founded in 1955 and champions entrepreneurial and economic prosperity by supporting and promoting local businesses. Successful community partnerships are vital to the quality growth of the Douglas County region. The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce serves as a liaison between Chamber members and elected officials to ensure that the concerns of business are represented in government.

McNairy gained local recognition earlier this year for sanitizing local police vehicles following the outbreak of COVID-19. McNairy’s effort to protect the safety of frontline workers provided an essential service for his community. Denver television stations recognized CCI of Douglas County’s creativity and community support by airing 20 news stories showcasing one of McNairy’s recent trips to the station to sanitize vehicles.

“Police officers hold a space in my heart. They are frontline warriors who have to be in contact with people who need their help. We want to keep our officers as healthy as possible,” McNairy said.

As part of the cleaning service, McNairy’s technicians used an antimicrobial cloth to wipe down all the frequently touched areas in the car. The crew wore respiratory masks as a safety precaution and focused their cleaning efforts on high-touch areas, such as steering wheels, door handles, seat belts and electronic controls. McNairy also disinfected equipment and handgrips of any firearms kept inside the patrol car. Following the spot cleaning, a technician fogged the interior of the patrol car with CCI’s new Sanitizer & Disinfectant.

CCI Helps Franchisees Fuel Sales

CCI provides franchisees like McNairy a home-based business with low overhead and high profit potential. In 2019, there were 773,603 franchise establishments in the United States, according to Statista, a provider of market and consumer data. In 2019, the economic output of franchise establishments in the United States was about $787.5 billion.

Franchising offers business owners a chance to be entrepreneurs with a recognized brand and successful business. The mobile leather and vinyl repair company supports its franchisees by helping them establish their client base and provides an intensive four weeks of training and ongoing consultation services to keep business at peak performance.

Franchising provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own business coupled with support from a knowledgeable guide who wants you to succeed. After franchisees get their mobile vans moving and start servicing customers, CCI continues to provide guidance through telephone and online support. CCI’s Online Support and Communication Center gives franchisees 24-hour access to the latest information concerning technical questions, marketing, newsletters and industry-related information. There are also open forums to discuss concerns and share success stories with other CCI franchisees.

If you are feeling inspired by McNairy’s success and looking to change careers and gain independence,  visit www.creativecolorsintl.com.test/franchise-opportunities to learn more about purchasing a repair and restoration franchise with CCI