CCI Franchisee Helps Local Police Stay Healthy

May 4, 2020

A Creative Colors International Inc. franchisee in Colorado is helping the local community navigate the new normal by protecting police officers on the frontlines from the novel coronavirus.

Police officers spend the majority of every shift in their vehicles, patrolling the community. Vehicles are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Car interiors are more than 2,144 times dirtier than the typical smartphone, harboring an average of more than 200 infectious bacteria per inch, according to a report by CarRentals.com, a division of Expedia Group. Making sure that police officers have a clean and sanitized work environment is an essential service during the pandemic. Mike McNairy, the franchise owner with CCI of Douglas County, started using the company’s new Disinfectant & Sanitizer to clean the Castle Rock Police Department’s patrol cars each week to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Police officers hold a space in my heart. They are frontline warriors who have to be in contact with people who need their help. We want to keep our officers as healthy as possible,” said McNairy.

As part of the cleaning service, technicians use an antimicrobial cloth to wipe down all the frequently touched areas in the car. The crew wears respiratory masks as a safety precaution and focuses their cleaning efforts on high-touch areas, such as steering wheels, door handles, seat belts and electronic controls. The average steering wheel of a car is nine times dirtier than a public restroom, and a vehicle’s interior has 40 percent more germs than a toilet seat. McNairy also disinfected equipment and hand grips of any firearms kept inside the patrol car. Following the spot cleaning, a technician fogs the interior of the patrol car with CCI’s new Sanitizer & Disinfectant.

McNairy’s effort to protect the safety of frontline workers provides a unique service for his business during this unprecedented time. CCI, the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair, normally helps customers save money by making repairs to extend the life of their products. Denver television stations recognized CCI of Douglas County’s creativity and community support by airing 20 news stories showcasing one of McNairy’s recent trips to the station to sanitize vehicles.

Staff from the corporate team at J&J’s Creative Colors also did several rounds of sanitizing and disinfecting patrol cars and fire trucks with the Mokena and Fire Police Departments.  The CCI family is proud to provide a safe work environment for the officers and first responders who are on the front lines in keeping our communities safe from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

CCI’s New Cleaner Helps Franchisees Boost Bottom Line

The Sanitizer & Disinfectant McNairy used to clean police cars in Castle Rock was recently added to CCI’s lineup of products to give franchisees a new offering to generate sales during the pandemic.

“As part of the new normal, we expect customers to continue to stay vigilant in keeping their possessions clean and sanitized,” said Mark J. Bollman, CCI’s president and co-owner. “Our new Sanitizer & Disinfectant will help ensure the safety of our employees and allow us to provide another vital service to customers.”

CCI Sanitizer & Disinfectant has powerful, long-lasting effects that kill viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew. It is approved to be used to safely sanitize against COVID-19. The antimicrobial cleaner is biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It is fragrance-free and also eliminates odors from organics, inorganics and pathogens. The safe and reliable cleaner can be used to kill pathogens on any surface. CCI technicians can apply the product quickly with a spray gun. Technicians have the option to allow surfaces to air dry or wipe them down after 60 seconds. The solution was designed to properly disinfect interior surfaces without drying or fading the material.

To learn more about how CCI supports its franchisees by offering innovative products and services, visit www.creativecolorsintl.com.test/franchise-opportunities.