Most Common RV Interior Repairs: Your Interior RV Maintenance Guide

November 25, 2020

Every RV interior eventually needs repairs to the leather, vinyl, upholstery materials – and so much more. From the dashboard to the storage covers, the interior of an RV requires maintenance and repairs several times a year, to keep it looking like new. And, with more Americans looking to RV rental companies for a COVID-safe vacation, it is that much more important to keep your rental fleet in tip-top shape.

Learn everything you need to know about the most common repairs for the interior of an RV. Find out what needs the most frequent maintenance and repairs, as well as what the repair process entails. And, discover what solutions are available for regularly maintaining a fleet of rental RVs – and the most economical.

Common RV Interior Repairs: Everything You Need to Know in 2020

Every RV interior sees wear-and-tear, resulting in damage to upholstery, door panels, and more. By far – rental RV fleets see the most regular usage and need of repair, but every RV will experience similar maintenance issues – sooner or later. COVID-19 is driving more and more Americans to seek vacation options outside of traditional lodging options, like hotels, which is causing the rental RV market to surge.

With the surging demand for rental RVs, fleets are experiencing damage at an exponential rate. Whether you manage rentals for a fleet of vehicles, or simply rent-out your RV, you can expect to see a need for repairs regularly. So, this guide helps you stay on top of the most common places to look for wear and tear in your rental RVs interior, and gives you repair solutions.

When it comes to the most common types of damage in an RVs interior, you frequently see scratches, damage, or wear in vinyl, leather, and upholstery fabrics.

Leather, Vinyl, and Upholstery Repairs for RV Fleets

The interior of an RV is riddled with easily damaged surfaces. And, it just so happens that these are the surfaces of most frequent use. So, naturally, these materials are prone to cracks, scratches, rips, and other damage.

If you manage a fleet of RV’s, take solace in the fact that RV interior repairs and maintenance needs are, by-and-large, predictable and repetitive over the life of a vehicle. The frequency with which your fleet needs maintenance depends on the volume of use it receives.

But, regardless of how frequently maintenance is needed, it comes down to the same surfaces in your RVs cockpit and cabin. In the cockpit, the most damage-prone surfaces include the dashboard, and the driver and passenger seats. Leather is the most durable, lasting, and easy-to-clean material for RV interior seats. But, even leather needs repairs and maintenance, which involves a special process of leather color matching.

RV interior cabin upholstery receives bumps, cracks, and dents that grow easily into large rips or holes. But, by staying on top of maintenance for the most common issues, you can preserve your existing RV upholstery, instead of an inevitable reupholstering of the entire RV interior.

Most Common Repair Needs for Leather and Vinyl in RVs

One of the most common issues for the vinyl or leather surfaces in your RV interior is fading. Leather and vinyl fade in color over-time from exposure to sunlight. Fading comes naturally from wear and usage, as well.

Leather fading usually occurs before it cracks, which can be avoided by regular leather maintenance. This includes applying a special leather conditioner treatment on the leather surfaces of your RV interior every month. For a personal RV, this treatment will maintain your leather for years to come.

But, if you manage a fleet, leather maintenance can become too time-consuming to be cost-effective while running your business at the same time. Over the life of your fleet, body oils, food, and other contaminants inevitably cause stains in the leather that can only be repaired like-new with professional expertise. A professional RV interior repair expert matches the color of the leather, mixes a custom leather-dye, and hides the repaired segments to leave it looking like new.

Maintenance of your fleet is a regular and ongoing process that is essential to the longevity of your RVs. Do you need maintenance and restoration for your fleets interior upholstery and leather surfaces? Talk to an upholstery and leather repair expert for a free consultation to discover the benefits to having a professional service your fleet's RV interior.