Off-The-Wall Series: Tim Bush Fixes Arrow Holes for Lowville Academy

March 6, 2019


That’s our motto at Creative Colors International. Our repair reputation is well known, especially throughout the automotive and marine industry. We tackle any type of wear and tear for our B2B clients. From discolored dashboards to cracked couches to cigarette burns, our technicians have fixed it all. But, arrow holes? That was a new one for us!

Tim Bush, an expert certified technician and Creative Colors International franchise owner, has been a part of the CCI family since February of 2016. He operates his franchise out of Watertown, New York, in the more rural, northern parts of the state. Bush says because of his location, he has to think outside the box when it comes to the traditional CCI business model.

Repairing arrow holes certainly fits the bill.

Mike Hlad is the Director of Buildings at the Lowville Academy Central School. The school is tucked into the Black River Valley between the foothills of the Adirondacks and the Tug Hill Plateau. Serving a little under 1,500 students, Lowville is like a lot of schools across the country — struggling for ways to make their dollars stretch.

“We used to just throw stuff away and replace it. Now, we are into fixing things to save money,” Hlad says. Mr. Bush was first contacted to repair holes in their turf field perimeter wall mats. There were several sections that needed to be replaced due to rips and holes, but after several hours, Tim had them repaired. His work outside was so successful he was then contacted for some inside repairs.

The school offered indoor archery to the students, but the arrows wreak havoc on the expensive gym wall mats and divider wall. In all, Hlad guesses there were about 200 holes in the divider wall. This is where the “We Can Fix That” phrase came true. The holes were filled and the color blends so well, nobody would ever know there was an issue with arrow holes.

And he didn’t stop there, Bush also repaired over 60 holes on the pads that line the gym perimeter walls. These mats provide a safe cushion for kids playing rambunctious games. Tim took his talents to the nurse’s office next, making repairs to cots and chairs.

In all, Hlad says the school (and taxpayers!) saved tons of money thanks to the work of Creative Colors International. Hlad estimates savings in the tens of thousands of dollars.

And it’s not just the quality of the work that has the school phoning Tim Bush on a regular basis: it’s a matter of trust and reliability. “We trust him to come and go as needed. He works around the school hours. Tim comes in at nights and weekends,” Hlad says. “Tim’s times are flexible, and he does what he says he is going to do. Tim is dependable and communicates when he is going to be on site.”

Business diversification is everywhere. Along with our well-known reputation in the automotive, aviation, and marine industries, CCI’s services can be applied to an amazing number of businesses: restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, fitness centers… even schools. In our quest to fix, repair, refinish, and revitalize, we find a high demand for our services everywhere!

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