Auto Upholstery: How to Repair Leather Car Seats & Upholstery

November 28, 2022

Repairing auto upholstery is one of the best ways to make an old car look like new. Creative Colors International can preserve your investment and improve the quality of your driving experience by repairing leather and upholstered car seats.

Owning a car is an expensive investment. Next to buying a home, purchasing a car is the biggest financial investment people make during their lifetime, according to the American Automobile Association. Unfortunately, sticker shock is making it difficult for many people to purchase a shiny new vehicle straight off the production line. The average monthly cost of owning a vehicle in the United States is $805.50, AAA reported. On top of the high purchase price, owning a car includes ancillary expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and finance charges on loans.

High new car prices are sending the average age of vehicles on our roads up. Economists expect the Federal Reserve to continue to hike interest rates to combat inflation, making new car loans more expensive. The central bank has already raised interest rates four times this year, according to CNBC. While trading up for a new model may not be in your budget, you can spiff up your existing ride to help make the daily commute less of a chore.

Trust Your Car to CCI’s Professionals

If your car is starting to show signs of age, the No. 1 way to spruce it up is to repair the car seat leather and upholstery. CCI is the leader in on-site leather car seat repair and vinyl upholstery restoration. Our service technicians can fix rips, tears, scratches, burns, and seam slippage to return your vehicle to like-new condition. CCI service technicians can repair driver’s side bolster wear, steering wheel scratches, and remove stains. They can also eliminate odors and reverse fading.

Our service technicians are just a phone call away and can come to your home, office, or wherever your vehicle is, for your convenience. They have everything in their mobile vans to get the job done correctly. It’s our policy to use water-based products in all our repair and dye products to ensure customers receive a clean, non-toxic, and non-hazardous service.

Go the Extra Mile

Once you’ve given your car’s interior a facelift by repairing your auto upholstery, here are some additional ways to upgrade your aging vehicle.

  • Touch up scratches. Over time, the exterior of your car will get scratched. Although it’s the first scratch that hurts the most, there’s a fairly easy fix. Blemishes can be buffed out or painted over with a little elbow grease. Auto parts stores sell paint touch-up kits to match the color of your vehicle. Follow the package directions and watch the scratches disappear.
  • Get the car detailed. The average American drives 13,476 miles per year, making spills, crumbs, and debris inevitable. Start fresh by getting rid of all the dirt and grime that has accumulated in your car.
  • Add some bells and whistles. An easy way to make your vehicle feel like new is to add a few inexpensive upgrades, such as installing a back-up camera, a new sound system, or protective floor mats. Give your exterior a new look by adding a pinstripe, or get your car road-trip ready by installing a roof rack.
  • Apply a UV protectant spray to the exterior. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage the paint job on the exterior of your vehicle. As part of our upholstery repair service, a CCI technician can apply a leather conditioner and protectant on your car seats to protect your interior from fading. But the exterior is still susceptible to damage. In addition to trying to park your car in a shady spot or garage during hot summer weather, it’s a good idea to protect your car by spraying it with a UV protectant spray. The sprays are readily available and easy to use.
  • Install organizers. If you are a pack rat or if you cart children around on a regular basis, it’s highly likely the interior of your car is in disarray. Purchase some over-the-seat organizers or trunk storage to keep the items that spark joy in some semblance of order.
  • Restore headlights. Exposure to elements and normal wear and tear can cause your headlight seal to break, making them appear foggy or yellow. A professional headlight restoration can take care of the problem. A glass specialist can smooth out pitted surfaces and repair scratches to give the front of your car a fresh, new look.
  • Eliminate odors. After you’ve cleaned up the garbage and restored order to the interior of your car, an unpleasant odor could remain. CCI’s odor elimination and sanitization service can kick that smell to the curb. Keep your car smelling fresh after treatment by removing garbage in a timely manner and vacuuming up debris on a regular basis.

We Can Fix That!
Before you start saving for a new vehicle, make your existing car more appealing by fixing your auto upholstery. Request a free quote from a CCI location in your area.