Car Franchises: What’s the Best Low-Overhead Franchise?

May 17, 2022

If you want to pursue car franchises with low price tags and minimal risk, Creative Colors International has a mobile, home-based opportunity for you in the automotive industry.

Owning a low-overhead franchise allows you to take the reins of your future for less money. Franchise owners get the perks of brand recognition, training, and support. They get to operate a business with a proven track record for success and take advantage of a network of peers to provide best practices. Having this insurance and security requires an outlay of cash up front. While numerous options for financing are available, franchisees will be required to open their wallets to fulfill their entrepreneurial vision. While car rental franchises can cost up to $12 million, and finding the perfect location for an auto repair shop can put a dent in your savings, there are numerous low-overhead options with high profit potential.

CCI is the industry leader in leather and vinyl repair. We are a mobile restoration franchise designed to save customers up to 90% in replacement costs, with 150+ mobile vans serving customers across the country. CCI service technicians fix cuts, burns, tears, scuffs, and fading in leather and vinyl of automobiles. Our low-cost franchises have accounts with automobile dealerships and car rental companies across the country to help them get their cars in tip-top shape for customers.

CCI Ensures Low Risk, High Reward

Our franchisees can get started with an investment as low as $86,980, which includes the down payment cost of your van, van setup, pre-opening travel, insurance, office equipment and supplies, working capital, and other expenses. Rather than rely on a brick-and-mortar location, most of our franchise owners conduct back-office operations from a home office. Nearly 50% of all businesses in the United States are home-based, as entrepreneurs strive to cut operational costs. Here are just a few reasons why a low-overhead CCI franchise is a smart choice with high earnings potential.

Scalable Opportunity. CCI’s mobile, home-based business offers a scalable business model designed for growth. Our franchisees can choose to start small as an owner-operator with a single territory opportunity and one van. As they grow their customer base, franchisees simply need to add vans and hire service technicians to increase profits. Franchisees with business management experience can sign a multi-territory deal to gain exclusivity to a wide swath of territory for a slightly higher initial investment but a higher profit potential. CCI’s national accounts and marketing expertise helps new franchisees generate business and add loyal customers.

Multiple Revenue Streams. CCI’s business model is designed to provide services to the automobile industry. Our service technicians help dealers get used cars ready for sale by providing smoke and odor elimination and mold-blocking treatment. They use the latest technology to help auto dealers get top dollar by making leather car seat repairs and providing upkeep to vehicle upholstery and other interior surfaces. As an added bonus, CCI has multiple revenue streams to help raise the bar. Our automotive franchisees can provide services to residential customers and area businesses, as well as companies in the marine, aviation, and recreational vehicle arena. Having multiple revenue streams helps keep your business secure if one industry has a slowdown.

Pandemic-Resistant Business Model. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, many franchisees had to close up shop and rely on government bailout funds to stay afloat. CCI supported its franchisees during this difficult season by launching a new sanitizer and disinfectant solution designed to help keep employees and customers safe. The new product allowed franchisees to offer an additional service at a time when budgets were tight. Our car sanitizer and disinfectant service is a one-step hospital-grade cleaner, deodorizer, and sanitizer designed for use on a variety of surfaces. Auto dealerships relied on our sanitizing services to facilitate car sales, and rental car companies added it to reassure customers.

Find Out More About CCI

Owning an automotive franchise is not out of reach. If you think a mobile, home-based franchise with low overhead is the right choice for you, contact CCI to request franchise information and learn more about becoming a mobile franchise business owner.