Start a Furniture Refurbishing Business in 6 Steps

May 13, 2024

If you enjoy breathing new life into old furniture as a weekend warrior, starting a furniture refurbishing business could be your calling. A furniture repair business can grow quickly with skills like leather repair and reupholstering.

Refurbishing furniture is a professional skill that involves detailed craftsmanship. It requires intricate work like leather repair, reupholstering, and odor removal to restore furniture to its original glory. If you have a knack for these skills or are eager to learn, you’re on the right path. By following these steps and partnering with a franchise like Creative Colors International (CCI), you can turn your hobby into a thriving business and jumpstart your future.

Step 1: Research the Market

Understanding the market is crucial. Research demand for furniture refurbishing in your area, the competition, and the potential customer base. Knowing consumer trends can help you gauge the feasibility of a furniture repair franchise and identify your unique selling proposition. With eco-friendly practices and personalized home decor on the rise, furniture restoration is a savvy business opportunity that aligns with environmental trends and market demand. At least 44% of Americans worry “a great deal” about the environment, and the penchant to make environmentally-conscious choices remains top of mind.

Step 2: Develop a Business Plan

A solid business plan is your roadmap to success. Outline your business goals, strategies, financial projections, and marketing plans. This document is not just for your reference but also essential if you’re seeking financing or partnerships.

Step 3: Choose the Right Franchise

Franchising can significantly ease the process of starting your business. CCI’s focus on saving customers money by relying on restoration allows you to pursue your passion and cater to current consumer trends. A franchise like CCI offers a proven business model, brand recognition, and comprehensive support. When selecting a franchise, consider factors like initial investment, ongoing support, and alignment with your business goals.

Step 4: Secure Financing

Starting a business requires capital. CCI requires an initial investment of $101,380 to $121,911, which includes all the tools, knowledge, and support you’ll need to get started. Explore financing options, including loans, savings, or investment from partners. CCI partners with Guidant Financial Group to provide financing solutions to its franchise candidates. We also work with Enterprise Fleet Services to help you secure professional, cost effective fleet management.

Step 5: Acquire Specialized Training

Furniture refurbishing requires specialized skills, particularly in leather and vinyl repair. Honing your skills will pay off in the quality of your work and customer satisfaction. Understanding the difference between professional and hobbyist refurbishing is key. As a professional, you’ll need to master techniques that go beyond basic DIY skills, including understanding different materials, using specialized tools, and applying advanced restoration techniques. Your work will not only be about aesthetics but also about durability and quality.

We offer hands-on training to ensure our franchise owners have the skills they need to get the job done. CCI is also committed to using water-based products that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, appealing to many of today’s consumers.

Step 6: Set Up Your Business

With financing in place and your refurbishing skills fine-tuned, it’s time to set up your business. You’ll need to purchase equipment, hire staff, and implement your marketing plan. As a franchisee of CCI, you’ll receive guidance and support in all these areas, and everything you need to serve customers comes in your mobile van.

CCI: A Mobile Leather Restoration Leader

Franchising with CCI offers entrepreneurs a low-cost, high reward business opportunity. The furniture repair and restoration industry hit $1.9 billion in 2022, according to IBISWorld, and as customers continue to focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling, your business is well-positioned for growth.

By partnering with CCI, you get access to an established business model, training, marketing support, and a network of fellow franchisees in a high-demand industry. We stand out for our focus on leather and vinyl repair and our B2B and B2C franchise model gives you the opportunity to tap multiple revenue streams.

As a CCI franchisee, you’re joining a family of professionals dedicated to excellence in furniture refurbishing. Starting a furniture refurbishing business is an exciting venture for anyone passionate about restoration and craftsmanship.

If you’re ready to take the leap into the world of professional furniture refurbishing, request franchise information to find out more about joining the CCI family.