Owning A Business Franchise For Beginners in 2021: A Good Investment?

February 2, 2021

Owning a business franchise is an alternative to starting a business from scratch. If you are interested in owning your own business, buying a franchise has several advantages to a private venture. Franchise ownership is a way of accelerating the process of getting your business operation up and running.

Learn everything you need to know about owning a franchise business for beginners. Find out how it differs from starting a business venture from the ground, and the benefits of franchising. And, see why 2021 is a great time to start your own franchise business.

Owning a Business Franchise in 2021 for Beginners

Is owning a business franchise a good investment opportunity in 2021? The short answer is yes! A lot of change has occurred in the past year, but businesses are still moving forward – even if the business landscape has changed. And, 2021 is a great time to buy into a franchise business.

Franchise business owners purchase the right from an existing brand. For example, Creative Colors International helps small business owners by providing the branding material, supply chain access for materials and equipment, and training that new franchisees need to be successful in owning a business. The greatest advantage of owning a franchise business is the ongoing and built-in support networks that help you achieve success in a proven system of operation.

What are the Advantages and Drawbacks of Being a Franchise Owner in 2021?

Business owners across the country have found themselves in a precarious situation, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small and independently owned businesses have been forced to shut their doors. And, this volatility is felt by independent small business owners and franchise business owners, alike.

But, whereas independent business ventures are left wrestling with changing health guidelines and operational standards in a constantly changing landscape, franchises are in a better position to succeed. When you buy a franchise, you buy into a network of research, planning, and operational support that exists to help your business succeed through good times and bad. While you run the business in the field, your franchise is working to keep your business open, in-demand, and in-compliance.

If your dream is to embark on an independent make-it-or-break-it venture, hands-off franchise ownership is a possible means to achieve your goal. But, many franchise business opportunities require a new owner to undergo training, wherein you learn the in’s and out’s of operation and management protocols. Franchise ownership is best for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and practical business mindset.

As a franchise owner, you benefit from market data and research conducted at a high level and directly relevant to your sector. Your franchisor provides an in-depth analysis of your market's opportunities, which enables you to plan effectively. And, franchisers give you access to a network of vendors and supply chains to stock and equip your business immediately – for the best price.

For first-time business owners, independent ventures are less likely to secure funding from a financial institution or lending organization. When you are ready to apply for a business loan, lenders are interested in the support that exists behind your business, as much as the business plan you present. Lenders are much more likely to approve your application when it has the backing of a franchise.

As your business grows, a franchise structure provides avenues of scalability without forging the path on your own. As business increases, franchisees benefit from financial services and accounting, sales, operational, and marketing assistance. Talk to a franchise specialist for a free consultation on owning a business franchise in your area.