How to Recondition Leather Seats & When to Enlist Professional Help

August 28, 2023

Are the leather seats in your home or business starting to show their age? Do your car seats have rips, stains, or tears? Reconditioning leather will restore its beauty and durability. Learn how to recondition leather seats and why you may want to ask for a professional's help. Read more and get an estimate from Creative Colors International (CCI).how to repair large tear in leather car seat

Top Causes of Damage to Leather

CCI has more than 43 years of experience helping customers restore their leather furniture and car seats, and we’ve seen it all. The top causes of leather damage are untreated stains, fading, and cracking. Body oils and sweat can also discolor leather furniture over time, and pet claws, keys, and belt buckles often result in holes.

At businesses, leather furniture typically sustains damage from harsh cleaning chemicals. Abrasive or corrosive cleaners can damage the leather, strip away natural oils, and cause discoloration or drying. Offices or businesses with large windows or exposed areas may subject leather furniture to direct sunlight and heat. Prolonged exposure to UV rays and high temperatures can cause the leather to fade, dry out, and become more susceptible to cracking and damage.

To maintain the longevity and beauty of your leather, it's important to protect it from these damaging factors. Regular cleaning, conditioning, and avoiding direct sunlight and harsh treatment can go a long way in preserving the quality and appearance of your leather furniture.

We Can Fix That!

If your leather has a small blemish, you can try a DIY repair, but if it needs serious TLC, it's time to call in the experts. Our service technicians can fix rips, tears, scratches, fading, and seam slippage. There are many instances where seeking professional help is beneficial.

  • Extensive damage or neglect: if your leather furniture or car seats are severely worn, cracked, or faded, our technicians can address more challenging issues and achieve superior results.
  • Specialty leather: Certain types, such as suede or vintage leather, require specialized care and expertise. We have the knowledge and experience to handle these unique materials appropriately.
  • Time constraints: Reconditioning leather can be time-consuming, especially if you have multiple pieces of furniture. Hiring a professional allows you to save time and effort, as we’ll efficiently handle the task. If you’re a business owner, a CCI technician can make repairs during downtime to prevent unnecessary closures.
  • Better results: We use professional-grade products and techniques, producing a higher-quality finish.
  • Save money. Our service technicians have all the tools and equipment to make leather repairs in their mobile vans. Rather than buying expensive repair kits, you can get your furniture fixed right the first time. We can also provide tips to keep your leather furniture in good condition. Our leather care kit will ensure your leather stays strong and resilient.

Free Leather Repair Quote - Before and After repairAt CCI, we set ourselves apart by providing the services you need. We know how to salvage virtually any type of furniture and save you up to 90% in expenses. Honesty and quality of service are critical to us. Our service technicians regularly fix leather furniture at residences or businesses. We also make leather and vinyl repairs to cars, planes, RVs, and boats. Our professionals can give you a free quote on the price to recondition leather seats and help you understand car seat reupholstering costs.

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