November 19, 2018

Business ownership runs deep in Tim Bush’s family. Growing up in Upstate New York in the village of Lowville, Tim first went to work in the family’s retail oil business. He would travel the roads winding through the Black River Valley, repairing furnaces and delivering propane, diesel and coal to help keep families warm during the long Lewis County winter. But, by the time his family sold the business, Tim realized the idea of working for someone else was leaving him cold.

“My parents sold the business in 1998 — 100 years after it was started by my great-grandfather. I stayed in the business, going through many ownership changes over the years,” Bush says. He ended his career as a Commercial Energy Salesman, traveling through northern New York over to western Vermont.

“As the stress of working for a large company began to get to me, I watched my uncle go through the process of buying and running a franchise. I liked the fact that he had time to do what he wanted to do — and had a much less stressful life. He was successful. It was what made me decide to look into franchising.” Since then, Bush hasn’t looked back. He used his desire for self-employment to help him overcome his fears.

Tim was introduced to Creative Colors International by a savvy franchise consultant, who saw the opportunity for a good fit. “The process of becoming a franchisee with Creative Colors International was very easy. They were very friendly and helpful, and always ready to listen and guide me through the process.”

Tim had no prior experience in the repair and restoration industry, but that didn’t matter. CCI has partnered with franchisees from nearly every background and skill set.

The three-week training program is designed to teach new franchisees everything from sales and marketing techniques and financial controls to upholstery coloring, restoration and repair methods.

“I completed my training with CCI at the end of January 2016 and had my grand opening the first week of February 2016,” Bush says. “Living in rural northern New York means fewer people. We have had to think outside the traditional business model of CCI.  I was, and continue to be, surprised at the amount of help and encouragement we have received from the entire CCI family.”

Tim’s life is a little different now that he is self-employed. Always family and community oriented, Tim now has time to enjoy those things without the stress he once felt. From serving as a member of the volunteer fire department to helping his community through various non-profits, Tim still has the time to enjoy being with his wife and three daughters and enjoy the great outdoors of northern New York. His partnership with Creative Colors International helps make it all possible.

“I have met so many great people through CCI. Everyone involved in the company, from the president to the techs in the field, is there to help with anything they can. They are not only there, but willing and happy to help any way they can. It is so refreshing to have that as a tool. I am very happy that I made the decision to join the CCI family.”

If you’re interested in joining the Creative Colors International family, visit our website to learn more information. It’s easier than you think.