August 30, 2019


Ask anyone the question, “Could you work with your spouse?” and you’re likely to get one of two STRONG answers. There doesn’t appear to be much gray area here. The answers seem to be either, “Absolutely!” or “Absolutely not!”

But here at Creative Colors International, we want to talk about that gray area, because we’ve seen couples make it work time and time again. From the management team to our franchise partners to our certified technicians, husband and wife teams seem to be attracted to Creative Colors International. Of course, keeping it all in the family is part of our company history. Our original founders, JoAnn and Jim Foster, are husband and wife. Both of their daughters are part of the business, along with their husbands.

They, along with many other couples, have figured out a way to make working together work for them. It takes some thought, and it’s not always a walk in the park, but with a little insight and a lot of communication, working with your spouse can have many advantages.

A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING. Having your spouse there by your side during the workday is going to be a revelation. You’ll understand their pressures and their joys in ways that you might not have been able to before. This can lead to a deeper understanding of the person that your spouse is and bring you much closer together. You’ll understand their strengths and weaknesses in a way that you might not otherwise. The danger: Make sure you’re not taking your work home with you. Some couples find success in designating a work-talk free time. Consider making the dinner table a “work-talk free zone” or deciding to cut off all work-related discussions at 8 p.m.

TRUST AND RELIABILITY. Who do you trust more than your wife? Who is more reliable than your husband? It makes sense that they would make the perfect business partner. After all, it’s in both of your best interests that the business succeeds, and having a partner by your side who wants to see that success as much as you do is crucial. The danger: Make sure to clearly define responsibilities and communicate, communicate, communicate! It can be difficult to be reliable when you didn’t even know exactly what you were responsible for in the first place! When everyone knows what is expected of them, not only does the business run smoother, so does the marriage.

A SHARED VISION. You have a clearly defined goal and you’ve developed a plan on how to reach it. Two people working together in perfect harmony! That’s the dream at least. The reality is that it’s best to not assume you both want the same thing — make sure of it by talking and having a plan. One of you can’t be working hard to build a business so you can retire early while the other is working hard to build a business so you can buy a vacation home. The danger: All this shared vision and shared work and shared everything can be too much sharing! Don’t forget to make sure you each are getting the personal space that you need.

Marriage is already a wild ride that two people embark on together; add in working with one another, and you’ve got a really interesting journey ahead. Creative Colors International is a strong believer in family. If you’re interested in taking that journey, we’re here to support you.