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  • Dr. Vinyl vs. CCI: Which Leather Restoration Service is Best?

    If you are wondering which leather restoration company is best for your home or business, here’s how Dr. Vinyl and Creative Colors International compare. Dr. Vinyl was founded by David Isley, a former aerospace engineer, in Kansas City, Missouri. Initially,... ... Continue Reading
  • Restaurant Booth Seating: How to Fix Cracked Vinyl Seats

    Restaurant Booth Seating: How to Fix Cracked Vinyl Seats Replacing restaurant booth seating is expensive. Before you drop the cash on pricey new seating, Creative Colors International Inc. recommends restoring your cracked booths. Restaurants were dealt a rough blow following... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Career Untethers Workers From Desk Job

    Creative Colors International Inc. provides service technicians with a fulfilling career that allows them to enjoy the warm weather of spring and break free from their desk job. In 2020, on average, civilian workers spent 42.7 percent of their workday... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Helps Fitness Centers Reopen Safely

    As fitness centers across the country have slowly reopened their doors, Creative Colors International Inc. offers a solution to help gyms keep members and employees safe. In 2019, global fitness industry revenue totaled $94 billion, and health clubs were on... ... Continue Reading
  • Shore Up Job Security by Picking a Recession-Resistant Role

    Having confidence that a potential employer can weather tough economic times is an important consideration when making a career change. Salary, growth potential and benefits are all important factors to evaluate when doing your due diligence on a potential new... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Applauds Its Employees on Labor Day

    To celebrate Labor Day, Creative Colors International Inc. would like to thank all of its employees for their dedication, drive and perseverance during this challenging year. The flexibility and hard work of its franchisees, service technicians and corporate team members... ... Continue Reading