What Does Upholstery Restoration Entail?

February 28, 2023

Breathe new life into sofas and chairs with tears, holes, or rips by having your upholstery restored. Here's how the upholstery restoration process works.

Beware of Fast Furniture

Damaged and worn furniture can give your home a dingy, dated appearance. But purchasing new furniture is costly. To lower the price tag, many furniture sellers offer fast, or low-cost options made from cheap materials or mass-produced by machines. The rise in online shopping ushered in the rollout of purveyors offering fast furniture options. Amazon has two private-label furniture brands, Wayfair generated $12.4 billion in net revenue last year, and tens of millions of potential customers visit Overstock.com each month.

Unfortunately, inexpensive furniture costs more in the long run because it cannot be repaired or restored and needs to be replaced frequently. More than 9 million tons of furniture are tossed out with the trash and end up in a landfill each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Avoid the lure of buying low-cost furniture to save money and give the existing furniture in your home an upgrade with upholstery restoration. Creative Colors International can save up to 90% of replacement costs by restoring and repairing your high-quality pieces. The average price for furniture repair is between $161 to $262, and the cost to repair cosmetic damage could be as low as $50, according to HomeAdvisor.

Repair and restoration will return your furniture to its former glory and ensure you have long-lasting results. It reduces waste and offers an environmentally friendly solution. Proper furniture repair requires the use of high-quality products and the advanced techniques of a professional. CCI’s certified service technicians are trained in every aspect of our repair and restoration business. They have the tools they need in their mobile vans to restore your furniture or vinyl flooring to its original glory and will come to your home to make repairs.

“We just had two leather chairs restored. We had left them in front of a window for 10 years, and the chairs had bleached out to nearly white in some places,” said Cynthia Hammond. “The thing that really impressed us was that they kept checking with us throughout the work to make sure that we were all in agreement on the process and what we expected. We appreciated their professionalism and the result!”

Here’s a glimpse at how the furniture restoration process with CCI works.

Request a Free Quote

To get started with a furniture restoration project, request a free quote for services on our website. Your request will be routed to one of our local CCI owners, and a technician will call to schedule an appointment.

When a CCI technician arrives at your home, they come prepared to get the job done. Our customer service philosophy established by our founders is always to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our technicians have a “can do” attitude and prioritize being available, adaptive, flexible, and responsive to your needs and expectations.

The service philosophy was born in 1980 when Jim and JoAnn Foster launched our leather repair business in Chicago under the name J&J Creative Colors. After expanding to approximately 18 mobile vans, we established CCI in 1991 to facilitate expansion by franchising. Today the company is led by the second generation of the Foster family and has a network of more than 150 vans across the United States.

how to condition leatherMaintenance Services
One of the best ways to ensure your furniture stays fresh after an upholstery restoration is to perform regular maintenance. Proper cleaning and care keep it strong and resilient. CCI has products to maintain your furniture, and our certified technicians can come to you and perform routine maintenance services. Our CCI Leather Care Kit contains both cleaner and conditioner to clean and protect all your leather products.

Business Services

In addition to providing home repair, CCI can help businesses offer welcoming interiors and first-class products to customers. Our service technicians have the skills to fix seating and vinyl flooring in commercial businesses. They also make automotive upholstery repairs and upgrade the interiors of boats, RVs, and planes.

We Can Fix That!

Ready to make your home or business shine with an upholstery restoration? Request a free quote to have one of our expert technicians repair or provide maintenance services on your leather and vinyl products.