Governor’s Office Taps Local Company to Repair Desk Chair

March 2, 2023


A Creative Colors International owner used his company's furniture repair capabilities to restore the office chair of GA Governor Brian Kemp

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A Creative Colors International owner in the Atlanta area recently used his company’s furniture repair capabilities to fully restore the office chair of Georgia Governor Brian S. Kemp.

Earnie Olin, who owns the CCI location in northern Atlanta, received a call from an office furniture supplier who had connections with the Georgia Building Authority (GBA), the government office in charge of maintaining the state capitol. The GBA is dedicated to establishing a clean, comfortable, and safe environment on Capitol Hill. They are responsible for managing 36 government buildings and facilities, including the Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion in northeast Atlanta.

Over time, the governor’s office desk chair started showing signs of wear and tear. The GBA wanted to spruce the chair up by making repairs. CCI specializes in repairing and restoring leather and vinyl in cars, RVs, airplanes, and furniture. Repairs can save up to 90% of replacement costs.

“When I received a call from the state capitol asking me to make some repairs in the governor’s office, I knew this was something that doesn’t happen every day,” Olin said. “I really like the governor. He got his start as a small-business owner and has done a good job. I was excited to do my part.”

Preserving a Piece of History

The Georgia State Capitol building is built on one of the higher points in Atlanta and features a neo-classical, Renaissance design, including an impressive gold dome. Built to symbolize the state’s emergence from the Civil War, construction on the building was completed in 1889, and it was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1974. The capitol building houses many of Georgia’s government offices, including the Office of the Governor. Kemp was elected in 2019 and won reelection for a second term in 2022.

Olin used CCI’s proprietary tools and techniques to restore Governor Kemp's chair. The chair had a small tear on the side, and its wooden armrests were scuffed and worn from rubbing against the desk. To repair the tear, Olin started by sanding the spot, then sewed the tear together using a needle and thread, smoothed it out with a special compound, and repainted the leather to match. He used a color-matched filler to seamlessly repair the wooden armrests. In less than a few hours, Olin restored the chair to its original splendor.

“It was not a difficult repair, but it improved the chair’s appearance and will extend its life,” said Olin. “The governor won’t be able to see the tear now that it’s fixed.”

Building a Local Restoration Business

Olin opened his Creative Colors International franchise nine years ago and is dedicated to helping customers save money by avoiding replacement costs. CCI repairs rips, cuts, tears, burns, and fading in leather and vinyl for area residents and local businesses. Making repairs offers an environmentally sustainable solution that saves customers money.

Olin decided to launch his CCI franchise because he admired the company’s quality craftsmanship and superior service model. Owning the on-site repair business gave him the opportunity to be his own boss — with minimal investment. In addition to making general repairs, several years ago Olin helped Georgia Tech prepare its HyTech Racing department to get its car ready for its debut.

Creative Colors restores leather and vinyl surfaces across a variety of industries, including commercial and healthcare facilities, automotive and RV interiors, restaurants, and more.

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