Vinyl Restoration: The Dos and Don’ts of Restoring Vinyl Seats

January 4, 2022

Thinking about finally doing something about the worn vinyl seats at your business, boat, or RV? Creative Colors International encourages you to contact the experts before tackling a vinyl restoration project as a weekend warrior.

Auto Leather Car Seat Repair - Before and After

Vinyl was discovered by Waldo Semon in the 1920s when he accidentally created the new substance while searching for a vinyl adhesive, The Vinyl Institute revealed. Initially, vinyl was used for insulated wires, raincoats, and shower curtains. Over the years, the use of vinyl as fabric gained ground for its low cost, durability, and versatility.

To maintain your vehicle’s resale value or prevent water damage on your boat, it’s important to make sure the vinyl on your seats is in tip-top shape. Vinyl seats are a great choice for businesses because they are affordable, easy to clean, and durable. Marine-grade vinyl can withstand the elements on your watercraft. Vinyl seats can endure the wear and tear from diners at your restaurant or patients in your waiting area. Despite being long-lasting and sturdy, there is a chance your vinyl seats could get a rip or tear. If this happens, the experts at CCI can come to you to make the necessary repairs with their vinyl restoration products.

CCI Provides an Easy Solution

Don’t try to tackle a vinyl restoration project on your own. Do call CCI to help with all of your vinyl repair needs. Repairing vinyl correctly takes skill, training, and time. CCI is the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair with more than 30 years of providing service to customers in a variety of industries. Here are some of the benefits of having CCI spiff up and repair your vinyl seating.

  • Create A Showplace. Your customers have a choice when they visit your establishment. To prevent them from paying a visit to your competition, make sure your seating is well maintained to provide a quality experience. When you take your boat out on the water, you want to impress your passengers, not worry about mildew or the need for marine repair. CCI can make sure your vinyl sparkles and is in like-new condition to impress guests.
  • Save Money. Restoring vinyl seats can save up to 90 percent in costs compared with ordering replacements.
  • Avoid Hassle. Waiting on replacement seating can take a long time. Making repairs provides a quicker, less expensive fix, and it’s even better when someone else does the work for you. CCI offers on-site repair and restoration of leather, vinyl, and fabric. Our service technicians can repair or restore tears, burns, cuts, scratches, stains, fading and color restoration, seam slippage, and replacement parts. Our technicians undergo extensive training and use the latest technology to make seamless and efficient repairs. They can even repair fading due to sun damage.

Regular Cleaning Keeps Vinyl Fresh

While repairing and replacing vinyl is best left to the experts, regular cleaning can help keep your vinyl seating in superior condition and will extend its lifespan. Vinyl seating can be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution. Clean the seat with a damp cloth, using a circular motion. Rinse the seat with a separate cloth, and make sure to towel it dry. To prevent water damage or mildew, do not use too much water or let it pool on the seat. Make sure not to use an abrasive cloth or harsh chemicals because they can damage the vinyl.

CCI Can Repair Vinyl Floors

Vinyl isn’t just for seating. Vinyl flooring is a top choice for many businesses because it is made to withstand heavy foot traffic and is inexpensive. While vinyl is durable, sharp or heavy objects and water can wreak havoc on your vinyl floor. CCI’s mobile vans have the tools to fix portions of your floor that are damaged and freshen up heavily trafficked areas. CCI’s service technicians can help you save up to 95 percent in expenses by helping you salvage your flooring.

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