Yeah – We Can Fix That. 5 Things You Don’t Think We Can Fix…But We Can.

February 27, 2016

Here at Creative Colors International, our motto is “We Can Fix That!” And that motto applies to pretty much everything. In fact, when it comes to leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and a variety of other surfaces, we have full confidence that “We Can Fix That”…whatever “that” may be!

Don’t believe us? That’s okay, we know our trained technicians will make you a believer! This post highlights five things former customers didn’t think we could fix…but we could, and we did! Before you go replacing things that you thought were beyond repair, check out this list! And if you have something not mentioned here, give your local Creative Colors International franchisee a call. They may just be able to fix it!

Damaged purse before and after leather restoration1. Purses
Purses go through a lot. This accessory, responsible for carrying just about anything and everything on Earth, receives a large amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Even when you take proper care of your leather handbag, it will appear worn out and overused over time. And let’s face it – replacements are expensive. So, don’t rush out to buy a new one! Creative Colors can clean, condition and even spot dye your leather purse, making it look as good as it did the day you bought it!

2. Jackets
You love your leather jacket – it’s broken in, comfortable, and you’ve had it forever. But it’s seen better days as it’s endured the fading, scratching and stains sure to come from all clothing over time. Similar to the purses above, leather jackets aren’t cheap and we can help you save your prized possession! Creative Colors International can repair and restore your leather jacket, returning it to “like-new” condition. Your trusty leather jacket can live on and help you look as sharp as ever!

3. Leather Pants
So you wanted to relive your glory days, and you decided to pull your leather pants out of the back of the closet. Perhaps you’ve also put on a couple pounds in the past few years, or maybe you tried to take things a little too far on the dance floor, and you ripped those bad boys. Not to fret – Creative Colors International can repair those leather pants for you and get you back on the dance floor or your bike in no time.

Briefcase before and after leather restoration4. Briefcases
Like purses, many briefcases see a lot of action on a daily basis. Your briefcase has been with you since the start of your career and you couldn’t imagine replacing it. And with Creative Colors International, you won’t have to part ways with it! We’ll repair and recondition your leather briefcase so effectively your colleagues may think you bought a new one!

5. Linoleum Floors
There are endless ways for linoleum flooring to be damaged – moving heavy items across it, dropping sharp objects on it, and simply walking on it for years. However, replacing these floors is a financial nightmare, particularly for RV owners who would probably just spring for a new motorhome. But, before you do, give Creative Colors International a call as we repair and restore linoleum of all colors and types. There’s no linoleum job too big or small for our trained technicians! Let us help you save hundreds, and potentially thousands, on replacement costs.

Linoleum floors repairs

There you go! Five things that you didn’t think we could fix, but we can! We truly believe that we can fix everything, and we have proven it for decades! Still not a believer? Check out all of the services we offer and challenge your local Creative Colors International franchisee to tackle a new project!

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