12 Days of Christmas: 12 Items it’s Better to Repair than Replace, Part 1

December 11, 2015

It’s the holiday season, and American consumers are in a spending mood! According to the National Retail Federation’s Holiday Consumer Spending Survey, consumers celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah and/or Kwanzaa will spend an average of $805.65 during the holiday season — the highest amount in the survey’s 14-year history.

All that spending on gifts, decorations and food leaves little money left when deciding what to do about worn and torn furniture items that must be in shape to show off for holiday house party guests and out of town visitors.

Rather than committing thousands of dollars to new furniture while needlessly pitching salvageable furniture into the garbage, consider restoring those items with the help of Creative Colors International(CCI). If it’s made of leather, vinyl, plastic or fabric, odds are we can fix that!

In honor of the 12 Days of Christmas, here are the first 6 of 12 items you are much better off restoring than replacing:

The leather sofa: These days, a quality leather couch can cost as much as a pre-owned automobile, so it’s best to think twice before chucking a $5,000 piece of furniture over a small tear in the cushion. CCI technicians can repair and restore tears, scratches, stains and burns, saving you thousands of dollars.

The family room benches: They may not cost what a leather couch does, but finding perfect living room accessories like ottomans, benches and stools takes FOREVER! Once you find the pieces that fit your room just right, you don’t want to throw them away when they start showing signs of wear. Save yourself the hours of hassle finding the next perfect fit by restoring your already perfect items to their original luster.

The kitchen stools: Yes, your family loves the high stools that worked well with your previous kitchen island. No, you don’t have to throw them away because you just finished a kitchen remodel. Not only can vinyl seating be restored, it can be dyed to fit a whole new room design. Plus, the savings can be used for those new kitchen lighting features you had your eye on.

The imported chair: That amazing trip to Italy lives on with those stunning, high-back chairs in your sitting room. That is, until your 5-year-old decided to treat them like a coloring book! No problem, CCI can remove the stains and bring fabric and upholstery back from whatever type of coloring disasters your children can conceive!

The loveseat you love: At least, you did love it until your sharp-clawed cat decided to turn it into a scratching post. No worries. CCI techs will come to your house and help you and your loveseat find love again! But maybe trim the cat’s claws before we arrive.

The reclining leather chair: One of your most valuable possessions and probably the one piece in your furniture group that is the most comfortable. That is, until your children decided to spill their kool-aid on it and caused it to stain! No problem, CCI can either remove the stains or re-dye it along with reconditioning it to like new condition so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Check back in with us next week as we share 6 more items that are better to repair and replace as you prep your house for holiday guests!