December 14, 2015

Last week we took inspiration from the 12 Days of Christmas and looked at the first six pieces of furniture that can be repaired and restored rather than trashed when problems arise.

Restoration experts from CCI can not only save people money but help them enjoy meaningful pieces of furniture for years to come.

If it’s leather, plastic, vinyl or upholstery, we can fix that! Here are six more pieces of furniture we can take from torn and worn to good as new.

The antique lampshade: Remember that terrific house party that culminated with you wearing a lampshade on your head? So does your wife, since it was an heirloom! If you’re in the doghouse for doing some damage to a family keepsake, whether that’s a beer stein or bean dip, CCI can fix that.

Preschool furniture: Does your young one require upholstered furniture like these little guys? If you’re decorating your playroom with these pint-sized pieces, expect plenty of wear and tear. Believe it or not, preschool furniture like this costs several hundred dollars to replace, so you’ll probably want to keep your local CCI tech on speed dial.

Your comfy leather office chair: Finding the right office chair is no easy task, especially for those work-from-home warriors who spend 8-10 hours a day glued to it. Do you really want to go back to the office supply store and start testing out replacements over a little tear in the armrests? Of course not. Take a conference call on your office couch while we fix the damage, then get back to work!

The upholstered headboard: We won’t cover ALL the ways a headboard can get damaged, but if you’re one of those guys who goes to bed with a bunch of hair gunk still on your head, odds are your headboard has become a bit gross. CCI techs can clean it, repair it or re-color it. No questions asked!

Dining room chairs: When you’re talking about dining room chairs, you’re probably talking about items sold as a set. Damage to one means a problem for all! It’s the holidays, so most likely you’re going to be hosting someone in your dining room this month. That means if your chairs aren’t already showing some wear, there’s a good chance that once the holidays are over, they will. We’ll be ready and waiting for your call.

Your pretty pouf: Whether it’s a Moroccan pouf ottoman or a storage pouf, it’s going to attract one very messy piece of the body — feet. Even worse — shoes! Shoes to scuff, rip, soil and wear out your pouf. You didn’t just randomly pick any old ottoman, you chose a pouf! We’ll help you keep it. No matter what those awful shoes do to it!

And there you have it – 12 pieces of furniture we can help you make good as new right in time for the holidays. Contact us if you need some last minute assistance before your family takes over your house!