Annual Franchising Convention Highlights Industry Growth, Customer Focus

March 12, 2020

Creative Colors International Inc. relies on knowledge gleaned from a key industry conference to provide assistance for its franchisees and fuel company expansion.

The International Franchise Association is franchising's biggest event for business development and personal growth. The conference provides attendees with the latest techniques to support their customers and is a great way to network and chart the future of the industry. Held February 8–11, IFA’s Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida, featured more than 4,000 attendees and 50 educational sessions. IFA projects the number of franchised businesses in the United States to increase by 1.5 percent in 2020, to a total of 785,316 local businesses, and marking the 10th year of growth.

“The International Franchise Association's Annual Convention helps CCI stay in touch with customer trends, enabling us to continue to provide our franchisees with practices that are important to run their business,” said Mark J. Bollman, CCI president. “It also keeps us abreast of legal issues affecting franchise sales and lets us network with our suppliers.”

CCI, the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair, fulfills the franchising model’s unique promise of a stellar, nationwide reputation paired with a local business owner who supports your community. Getting support and advice from other franchisors at the convention helps the company continue to improve its services and give franchisees the tools they need for success. Sessions at the IFA conference, like “Implementing Systemwide Standards to Improve Performance” or “Veterans Hiring in the Current Business Climate,” help CCI encourage its franchisees to excel as leaders and support the local community they serve.

“The conference is a great place to learn and network with fellow franchisors and their team, as well as meet suppliers that can be pertinent to franchise systems,” said Terri Sniegolski, chief executive and owner of CCI. “We have been IFA members since 1990, when we first converted our family business over to franchising.”

The IFA Convention also provides CCI with the opportunity to share its business success and knowledge with peers in the field. By relying on superior customer service, attention to detail and family values, CCI has established itself as a leader in the franchise community. JoAnn and Jim Foster turned the key in the ignition of their first mobile repair van in 1980. Through proprietary technology, CCI restores damaged material at a fraction of replacement costs, saving customers up to 90 percent. CCI repairs are stronger than the original area and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. As growth continued through the years, and additional mobile units were added, customer demand spurred the necessity for a much larger expansion program. The company opened CCI in July 1991 to fuel franchise expansion.

“I feel that we all have so much to give within the franchise community. We all can provide some form of mentorship, guidance and support. Many of us can also provide their services to one another,” Sniegolski said.

CCI offers a wide variety of services in numerous markets. The company can repair sofas, bar stools, leather clothing and boat interiors for individual customers. At the same time, CCI offers its vinyl repairs to local restaurants and doctor’s offices. The company is aiming to grow its business with moving companies and fast-food restaurants. Networking with potential partners at the IFA convention allows CCI to provide more services to customers.

“Our company fixes damaged material. This includes all vinyl, fabric, and leather material.  We are unique in that we can repair minor tears, scuffs and scrapes on all material and if the material is beyond repair, we can replace it. The beauty of our business is once it's replaced, we can continue to fix minor repairs saving you on the cost of replacement,” Sniegolski said.

If you are considering entrepreneurship, launch your new career with a company that has a proven track record and is strategically positioned for growth.  For more information on CCI’s franchise opportunities, please visit https://creativecolorsintl.com/.