Leap into Franchising With A Trusted Partner

February 28, 2020

Make time on the last day of February to step back and evaluate your career to determine if it’s time to take a leap into franchise ownership with Creative Colors International Inc.

Every four years, an extra day is added to the month of February. The additional 24 hours ensure that the calendar stays in line with the earth’s movement around the sun, Encyclopedia Britannica reports. It takes the earth 365.25 days to orbit the sun, and every four years we add a day to the calendar to accommodate the extra quarter of a day. Take the opportunity of an additional 24 hours this year to step back and evaluate your career. Now is a great time to stop trying to climb the corporate ladder and take a leap into entrepreneurship with CCI, the nation’s leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair.

Franchise industry growth is expected to continue riding the momentum of the United States market boom in 2020, despite an uncertain economy, according to the International Franchise Association, the leader in franchise advocacy. The number of franchised businesses in the United States is projected to grow by 1.5 percent this year, and franchise employment is expected to increase by 2.8 percent, adding a total of 232,000 jobs.

Benefits of Franchising

Opening a franchise business provides entrepreneurs with a variety of advantages.

  • Franchising offers customers a nationally recognized brand providing quality and consistency they trust, as well as proven products and business strategies.
  • Franchisors offer new business owners support every step of the way. They help entrepreneurs pick the best location, facilitate construction and help find financing.
  • Franchisors offer ongoing support in the form of training, advertising, operating procedures and more.


“The franchise industry is responsible for creating tens of thousands of opportunities for small business ownership across the country and millions of jobs for Americans,” said Robert Cresanti, IFA’s president and chief executive.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose CCI

CCI specializes in mobile upholstery repair, coloring, cleaning, protection and restoration of leather, cloth, vinyl, velour and plastics on a mobile basis. Technicians repair and restore furniture as well as key components of cars, planes, boats, homes, offices and more. Technicians at CCI’s Mokena, Illinois-based headquarters recently even fulfilled a customer request to restore his father’s leather football jacket as a surprise. CCI saves consumers time and money by repairing everyday wear and tear to extend the life of these products, instead of throwing them away and replacing them.

The estimated initial investment for each CCI business varies, but initial franchise fees start at $49,500. In addition to low start-up costs, CCI offers a host of advantages for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the leap into business ownership.

 Unlimited earnings potential. At CCI, the more you work, the more you earn. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create a flexible work schedule for servicing customers. Serving a wide variety of markets gives CCI franchisees the opportunity to easily expand their customer base and drive sales.

 Customer-first philosophy. CCI prides itself on being responsive and flexible to meet the needs and expectations of its customers. The company values its work and is willing to issue a refund if a customer is unhappy with the results of their service. CCI’s philosophy enables customers to recognize the value of the company’s workmanship, ensuring a repeat client base and high demand.

Workplace focuses on family values. CCI was started by a husband and wife team, and the business is led by the second generation of the family. CCI makes it a priority to instill a family atmosphere with every franchisee.

Top-notch training. CCI provides training and on-the-job support to ensure the success of each location. Franchisees have access to telephone and online options for questions that arise when they are out in the field.

If 2020 is the year you make the decision to take a leap into franchising, visit www.creativecolorsintl.com.test/franchise-opportunities to learn more about purchasing a repair and restoration franchise with CCI.