How Auto Reconditioning Helps Dealerships Sell More Cars

September 8, 2021

How Auto Reconditioning Helps Dealerships Sell More Cars

If you are looking for ways to increase used car sales at your dealership, an auto reconditioning service should be at the top of your list.

The price of new vehicles is skyrocketing. Owning a new vehicle costs nearly $10,000 per year, according to the American Automobile Association’s newly released 2021 AAA Your Driving Cost study. The average price of a new vehicle is up 4.78 percent to $32,903, which is $1,502 higher than last year. As the popularity of subcompacts and midsize pickup trucks increases and demand for less costly sedans decreases, average new car prices are trending up. Supply chain concerns are also contributing to the rising cost of new cars. The raw materials needed to build a car cost more, and vehicle manufacturers are experiencing delays, Bloomberg reported. The pandemic prompted vehicle manufacturers to slow down production to cut costs, resulting in low inventory.

To save money and cope with low inventory, customers are turning to pre-owned vehicles. The average price for a used vehicle rose 21 percent to about $25,400 versus $20,900 a year ago, CNBC reported. As competition increases in the used car sector, dealerships are taking steps to stay on top by improving the quality of their used-car fleets. In addition to rewarding successful salespeople, adjusting inventory pricing, and offering good trade-in prices, dealers can increase the value of the used vehicles in their lots by focusing on auto reconditioning.

All used cars will require some investment by the dealer to get them ready to sell. Some of the most common repairs a dealer will need to make are engine repairs, oil and filter changes, replacing brake pads, and even installing new tires. Cosmetic changes may also be necessary to the exterior. Dealers may need to fix dents and paint. While dealers need the exterior to be in tip-top shape to attract customers, a sparkling interior will help sell the car.

Creative Colors International Inc. is the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair. Our service technicians specialize in car interior repair and odor elimination to make used cars look like new models. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring CCI to provide auto reconditioning at my dealership.

On-Site Repairs. CCI’s mobile technicians can come to your dealership to make car interior repairs. Our first goal is to create a pricing structure that works for your dealership. We will inspect your inventory and create a log of all the fixes your cars need. Our technicians can fix fading, seam slippage, color restoration, stain removal, scratches, cuts, holes, burns, and tears.

Eliminate Odors. If a car on your lot smells, customers will take notice. No one wants to purchase a car that smells like cigarettes or pets. CCI uses environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and we stay on the leading edge of safe odor removal technologies to permanently eliminate tough odors.

Same-Day Service. If you need a fix to make a sale, CCI offers same-day service to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Quality Workmanship. CCI’s goal is to exceed customer expectations by offering first-in-class service. We make it a priority to work with our customers to create a winning partnership. As part of our carpet protection program, we offer customized floor mat installations and high-grade carpet film installations. Technicians perform re-dyeing services and repair burns. We also take the time to thoroughly clean, scrub, and brush the carpet.

Sanitizing Service. Shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, CCI added a new Sanitizer & Disinfectant to its lineup to provide additional services and protect the health and safety of our customers. In each vehicle we treat, we clean all interior surfaces with a water-based antimicrobial cleaner followed by a thorough application of our Sanitizer & Disinfectant product. To add another layer of safety, the technician will attach a “CCI Certified Clean” window cling to the driver’s side window to inform customers of the service.

To find out more about how CCI can help you get top dollar for the used cars in your lot with our auto reconditioning services, visit us to request a free quote.