What Makes a Successful Restoration Shop?

September 11, 2021

What Makes a Successful Restoration Shop?

If you are considering entrepreneurship, Creative Colors International Inc. can help you understand what makes a restoration shop successful and serve as a guide to creating a profitable business that will achieve your goals.

As Americans start to pay closer attention to their environmental footprint and continue trying to stretch their hard-earned paychecks, the time is right to focus on restoration. The furniture repair and reupholstery market is expected to generate $1.6 billion in the United States this year and is on track to increase 4.2 percent, reported IbisWorld, a provider of industry research. Most of the business-to-consumer clients of reupholstery and repair providers earn more than $100,000 annually. The number of households expected to reach that mark is rising in 2021, providing an opportunity for the reupholstery and repair industry.

Fixing rips, tears, scratches, and burns on furniture can save up to 90 percent of replacement costs. In addition to residential services, restoration shops have the opportunity to support a wide variety of industries to provide multiple revenue streams, including automotive, aviation, healthcare, marine, restaurants, and recreational vehicles. Local businesses can trim their budgets, increase employee satisfaction, and attract new customers by hiring a restoration shop to repair leather and vinyl furniture. Car dealerships get top dollar for their fleet if a restoration shop fixes glaring problems in vehicle interiors.

Successful upholstery franchises focus on driving repeat business and skillfully price their services to appeal to customers and turn a profit. They have the tools in place to give employees the training they need to succeed and focus on providing quality service with integrity.

Franchising Minimizes Risk, Provides Guidance

Restoration shops have the potential to be very successful, but 20 percent of all businesses fail within the first year, revealed LendingTree, an online lending marketplace. Nearly half of businesses close by the five-year mark. Small businesses close for a variety of reasons. Some discover a lack of demand for their products or services, while others encounter cash flow problems and hiring challenges.

If you are going to leave the corporate world behind and take a leap of faith on a business, minimizing risk is key. While you could roll the dice and open your own business, building a consistent clientele can take time, and competition can be stiff. Franchising provides a roadmap for new business owners. It offers the benefit of brand recognition and the training and support you need to make your new venture thrive. Franchising allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

CCI Offers a Restoration Shop Designed to Succeed

CCI offers franchisees a mobile business opportunity with a low barrier to entry and high growth potential. Here are a few perks of owning a franchise with CCI.

  • Training.  New franchise owners attend four weeks of training. The initial training includes two weeks of classroom and hands-on training covering technical, operations, sales, and managerial skills. The third week is spent learning the administrative end of running the business.
  • Home Office. Our mobile vans give franchisees the ability to make their own schedules. The administrative portion of the business is designed to be run from a home office to help keep startup costs low and to achieve the work-life balance they crave.
  • Marketing.  Not only is your mobile van one of your best marketing tools, but CCI also helps you build your business by providing professional, timely, and targeted marketing. We provide franchisees with print ads, pamphlets, fliers, and more to promote their business.
  • Scalable.  CCI’s business model was designed with scalability in mind. Our franchisees have the option to sign a single or multiple territory agreement. By investing in a territory, they are able to expand slowly as they generate sales.

Learn More About the CCI Franchise Opportunity

If you are searching for a restoration franchise with a company that supports its owners, CCI offers a profitable opportunity. Fill out the online form to request franchise information and learn more about a future as a CCI franchise owner.