August 14, 2017

Fall is one of the biggest times of the year for recreational vehicle dealers to make sales. Organizations like AARP suggest that it’s actually the best time for consumers to buy, so dealers looking for some big sales numbers before the holidays need to prepare.

The RV industry has been on a five-year winning streak, growing from just over 242,000 units shipped in 2010 to more than 356,000 units last year. The boom in new RV sales has had a residual impact on the used RV market, as younger, thrifty Americans look to join the more than 9 million households that currently own an RV.

Dealers aren’t alone. The recreational vehicle industry association (RVIA) reports that the RV rental business is a $350 million sector that will continue to grow as more baby boomers retire and hit the road.

The boom has led to increased competition for dealers and renters to move their units, so ensuring their vehicles are in tip-top shape is critical to success. While renting or purchasing used may be a more cost-effective means for consumers to enjoy recreational vehicle traveling, giving consumers the feeling that they are in a new RV can be the difference between making a sale or turning the customer over to a competitor.

The experts at Creative Colors can help. Here’s how.

We come to you. All our repairs are done on-site, meaning you can stay busy selling and renting your RVs while we get them ready to show. No bringing them to a shop, no waiting around for the repair, no lost sales time, and certainly no astronomical linoleum floor replacement fees.

We can fix practically anything. With Creative Colors, make one call to fix almost all. Unless it’s glass or metal, we can fix it. We repair and restore vinyl, leather, fabric, plastic, and carpet to like-new condition.

We do makeovers. Putting a fresh coat of paint inside a home you’re looking to sell is one of the easiest ways to spruce a place up, so why not do the same for the interior of the RV? Creative Colors can dye any items in the interior made of vinyl, leather, plastic or fabric.

Repair and restore costs less than replace. Much less, in some cases. Repairing and restoring items with Creative Colors International costs as much as 90 percent less than paying for a replacement. Spending less on used RV reconditioning means you can offer a more competitive price to your customers.

Want to see what Creative Colors International can do for your RV business? Click here to get a free repair quote in only two business days!