September 4, 2017

Creative Colors International (CCI), the nation’s leading on-site repair and restoration franchise, has stepped up where others have fallen short for Jeff Havern, owner of Primo’s Italian Restaurant in Oklahoma City, OK.

Six months ago, Havern needed a major repair job on approximately 60 chairs in his Italian restaurant. Having been burned by multiple repair companies in the past, Havern was eagerly searching for a more reliable solution. After conducting some research, Havern decided to reach out to Frank and Lena Earnest, the Oklahoma City-based owners for Creative Colors International (CCI).

Havern says it didn’t take long to realize the Earnests and CCI were special.

“We used other people for similar services in our restaurants and we were not happy with their work,” said Havern. “We contacted Frank and Lena Earnest at CCI and they were very impressive from the start. They responded promptly, possessed great people skills and offered great service at a good price. We quickly recommended them to other businesses in the area.”

CCI minimized the impact of the repairs on Primo’s Italian Restaurant’s regular business by repairing four chairs at a time. Over a period of a few weeks, the chairs were rotated in and out of the restaurant to be repaired. Havern and the Primo’s team were able to keep their regular operating schedule while still receiving the service they needed in a timely manner. Through this unique solution, CCI completed quality and affordable work minimal impact on Havern’s bottom line.

“In Oklahoma, there is no other company like Creative Colors International,” says Havern. “So many other restaurants have booths in bad shape and can truly benefit from what CCI offers. I went to one Asian restaurant recently, and it amazed me how many of the booths were in terrible condition. In an industry known for unreliable service, CCI stands out. I wish more people knew about them.”

Through scenarios such as this, CCI has proven itself as the leading provider of mobile repair, color restoration and reconditioning of materials such as leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric, and carpeting. CCI has proven experience helping restaurant owners and managers, like Marshall DiCarlo, and can also help business owners/managers in a variety of other industries, such as automotive, aviation, and medical. To learn more, please visit www.wecanfixthat.com.

Also, investing in a franchise brand with an excellent reputation, such as CCI, can be tremendously beneficial for ambitious entrepreneurs like Frank and Lena Earnest. The franchising industry is expected to continue to grow and create jobs at a rate that is faster than the standard economy, according to the International Franchise Association (IFA) and HIS Economics. For more information on how you can achieve your dream of becoming a small business owner with CCI, contact us.